• Your next job: How to find the right work environment

    Evaluating the compensation package is naturally the first step when assessing a potential new job, but assessing your work schedule should be just as important. Job-hunting physicians should be sure to ask these important questions to gain a fuller view of what life might be like in the new job:

    • Do physicians admit their own patients after hours, or is there an on-call hospitalist group?

    • Do physicians field all after-hours calls, or is there a nurse triage system?

    • How do physicians cover for one another when someone is out of the office?

    • Are physicians expected to work additional urgent care shifts or extended hours?

    • How much vacation or personal leave is allowed each year?

    Read the full FPM article: “Finding the Right Job: Two Key Issues.”

    Posted on Aug 21, 2019 by FPM Editors

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