• Three things physician leaders need to clarify

    All physicians are leaders in their organizations because of their clinical expertise. Because of that position, others will come to you with problems, ideas, projects, and other requests for your time. It is impossible to do everything. To manage this tension, the most effective leaders are clear on three things.

    1. What are your actual responsibilities? If a project or request does not align with your responsibilities, kindly but firmly explain that it is outside your role.

    2. What are you passionate about? Identify this so you can engage in projects and tasks that energize you and capitalize on your strengths.

    3. What are your weaknesses? Learn to say no to these projects and tasks, which aren’t a good use of your time. Instead, identify others who excel in these areas and empower them to take on this work.

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    Posted on Jun 06, 2020 by FPM Editors

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