• How to practice mindfulness and increase your fulfillment at work

    Mindfulness is simply being aware, present, and engaged in the moment, instead of feeling rushed, distracted, and annoyed. Two things that can help you practice mindfulness during patient visits are connection and curiosity.

    To build connection, find areas of commonality:

    • Do you both have children?
    • Have you both struggled with a parent's illness?
    • Do you have any similar experiences of suffering, challenges, or joys?

    To practice curiosity, consider the other person's circumstances:

    • What is it like to be a migrant farmer?
    • How does this patient deal with chronic pain or anxiety?
    • What kind of support does this patient have at home?

    Practicing mindfulness isn't the solution to all of your problems, but it can help you feel more fulfilled and not simply survive each workday.

    Adapted from "Reducing Frustration and Increasing Fulfillment: Mindfulness."

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