• Questions to ask about work-life balance when job hunting

    Balancing a career in medicine with family and personal needs is essential to today’s physician workforce. When comparing potential employers, consider these six questions to assess the work-life balance each offers:

    1. What is considered full time?
    2. On average, how many patients per day do physicians see at this practice?
    3. What visit lengths do physicians typically have? Do they have to work up to offering longer visit slots? What control does each physician have over visit length?
    4. How much time do physicians typically spend documenting and addressing in-basket work outside of scheduled clinic time?
    5. What does vacation time look like? Is it paid, or does it end up being unpaid? How are clinical responsibilities covered when a physician is on vacation? Do most physicians use all their vacation?
    6. Is there an opportunity for shared/part-time practice models?

    Additionally, asking potential colleagues the simple question “What do you do in your free time?” can elicit helpful information about work-life balance. Those who have a ready answer likely have genuine time for life outside of work.

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    Posted on Sep 23, 2021 by FPM Editors

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