Decrease Hassles and Costs by Integrating Your Plans' Formularies

    Frank J. Domino, Robert A. Baldor

    This practice reduced its plans' drug requirements to one document physicians can use easily to provide quality care less expensively.

    Do-It-Yourself Disease Management

    David C. Kibbe, Kate Johnson

    It's amazing what you can accomplish with your PC, some off-the-shelf software and a desire to improve patients' health.

    Take-Home Messages From the Academy's Managed Care Forum

    John Spicer, Brandi White, Pamela J. Vaccaro, Leonard Fromer, Donald W. Novey, Emily Hill, Douglas E. Henley, Ellen J. Belzer, Sue Herriott, D. Larry Miller

    From time management to alternative medicine to accounting, the Managed Care Forum of the 1998 AAFP Scientific Assembly offered pearls for family physicians.

    What the Hospitalist Movement Means to Family Physicians

    Leigh Ann Henry

    The jury's still out on how hospitalists affect patient care, but many family physicians are choosing to give up hospital service before the verdict comes in.


    Watch for Changes in Family Practice Management

    Robert L. Edsall

    This issue completes volume 5 of Family Practice Management. In January, we'll be celebrating our fifth anniversary. When we started publication, the Clinton health care reform proposal was filling the news, and our first issue led off with an angry letter from a family...


    Practical coding help

    H. Coleman

    On physicians, PPMCs and profit

    John J. Messmer

    Evaluating physician performance

    Steven C. Flood

    What's fraud for the goose ...

    Rosanne J. Hooks

    Not for computer nerds only



    Leonard Fromer, Mary Alice Tillman

    Utilization management | Creating an office manual for rural health certification



    Kent J. Moore, Leigh Ann Henry

    What to do about Medicare overpayments | Documenting musculoskeletal findings | ICD-9 codes for lab work | Coding certification for driving

    Find Out How Much Your Plans Are Really Paying You

    Jack Valancy

    Measuring your collection performance used to be pretty simple: Calculate your collection ratio by dividing payments by gross charges. Now, with a variety of payment arrangements under managed care, it's not so easy. If each health insurance plan pays you using a slightly...



    GAO: Don't expect HCFA to be ready for year 2000 | More health plans refuse to release HEDIS results | Health care costs see modest increase | Dozens of plans leave Medicare HMO market | First PSO in is first to leave | Preventive services task force reconvenes; three FPs on...


    How You Can Keep Your Generation Xers on Staff

    C. Carolyn Thiedke

    Admit it. How many times have you thought that the young people working in your office just don't measure up to you as a young person? How many times have you felt they're irresponsible, poorly educated or unmotivated?


    (Small) Trends in Physician Compensation

    Physician compensation stayed essentially flat last year for all medical specialties. Median compensation for primary care physicians rose just 0.86 percent to $135,791 in 1997. Median compensation for all other specialists dropped 0.48 percent to $220,476.


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