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    2009 FPM Past Issues

    January/February 2009


    Electronic Prescribing: Why the Fuss? • CPT Updates for 2009 • Building the Case for the Patient-Centered Medical Home • New Medicare Preventive Coverage • Coding & Documentation Q&A • Practice Pearls • Charting Then and Now

    March/April 2009

    Practicing Excellence

    Your Role in Practice Transformation • Conducting a Chart Audit • Reducing Improper Internet Use in Your Office • Tying the Partnership Knot • Coding & Documentation Q&A • Practice Pearls • Five Ways to Respond to a Medical Mistake

    May/June 2009

    Maximizing Revenue

    Maximize Revenue With Minimal Effort • Online Reviews of Physicians • EHR User Satisfaction Survey • Patient Misconceptions About Antidepressants • Patient Lists • The Problem With Exercise Plans • Coding Q&A • Practice Pearls • Being a “Quaint” Country Doctor

    July/August 2009

    Health IT Incentives

    FAQs About the HITECH Act • Preparing for an Infectious Disease Epidemic • Patient-Centered Medical Home Tips • Why I Give My Cell Phone Number to My Patients • Coding & Documentation Q&A • Practice Pearls • Family Medicine Should Shape Reform, Not Vice Versa • Toward a Modular EHR • Closing the Loop

    September/October 2009

    Uninsured Patients

    What You Can Do to Help Your Uninsured Patients • ICD-9 2010: New and Noteworthy Codes • Communication Strategies to Promote Self-Management of Chronic Illness • A Tool for Assessing Suicidal Patients • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • Are You Thinking Right?

    November/December 2009

    Financial Vital Signs 

    Vital Signs for Assessing Your Practice's Financial Health • 2009 EHR User Satisfaction Survey • Ten Steps to a Patient-Centered Medical Home • Creating a High-Quality, Low-Cost Health Care System • Coding & Documentation • Practice Pearls • What If Quiznos Were Run Like Health Care?