• Institutional Subscriptions - Site License

    Site licenses provide unlimited online access to all journal content for your entire organization: faculty, patrons, students, and staff. Pricing is divided into five tiers and four categories so you can determine the price that's right for your organization's size and type. Available as online-only access or with an archive print copy.

    Find your organization's category and tier below. Then find the tier pricing for FPM journal.

    Institution categories and tiers:

    1 Primary/secondary school; Head Start program
    2 Community or technical college (associate’s, 2-year degree); College/university (undergraduate or master’s level degrees)
    3 Doctorate-granting university with student population up to 20,000; Medical school
    4 Large academic institution (student population over 20,000): includes major universities with attached medical colleges or teaching hospitals
    5 University consortium or shared network; Consortia of academic and medical libraries
    1 Single clinic or individual, private practice
    2 Nursing school; Allied health training program (e.g., PT, chiropractic); Community hospital or clinic (not a major teaching or research facility)
    3 Major teaching or research hospital, medical school affiliated with residency programs, but not attached to university; Medical or pharmacy school without shared access to other libraries
    5 Healthcare network/hospital system with multiple-site shared access; Consortia
    1 Public (non-research) library
    2 Small nonprofit or government research lab; Independent research library; Nonprofit health policy or advocacy group; Charitable organization; Local/regional government agency or ministry, such as city or state/province public health department; Professional society or trade association/union
    4 National government agency; Large nonprofit or government research institute
    5 National or state-wide site license; Society or agency/ministry-wide license with multiple-site shared access; Consortia

    Small for-profit business, such as law firm, technology consultants, etc.


    Large for-profit single-site organization; Mid-size regional or national for-profit organization


    Large international or global for-profit organization or multinational corporation with multiple-site shared access

    Pricing for FPM:

    FPM (Family Practice Management), ISSN 1069-5648 (Online 1531-1929), is the AAFP’s editorially independent, peer-reviewed practice enhancement journal. Published bimonthly in print and online, FPM provides practical advice to help physicians and others in primary care excel in: improving quality and delivery of care, optimizing care teams, implementing evidence-based medicine, enhancing payment, increasing career satisfaction, achieving life balance. FPM is published 6 times a year.

    TIER SITE LICENSE (online only) SITE LICENSE (with print copy)
    1 $270 $350
    2 $620 $700
    3 $1,280 $1,360
    4 $1,915 $1,995
    5 $2,880* $2,960*

    *Base price allows up to 5 sites; $300 for each additional site. **Base price allows up to 5 sites; includes 1 print copy; $80 for each additional copy to same address.

    AAFP also publishes:

    American Family Physician (AFP), ISSN 0002-838X (Online 1532-0650), is the AAFP’s concise, easy-to-read clinical review journal for physicians and others in primary care. Articles detail the latest diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and CME. Paid subscribers receive free unlimited access to the current content and archives of AFP online. AFP is published monthly.

    Annals of Family Medicine (AFM), Online ISSN 1544-1717, is an open access, peer-reviewed research journal serving the needs of scientists, practitioners, policy makers, and the patients and communities they serve. It is the top-ranked North American primary care research journal, and charges no fees for publication. The journal is a collaborative effort of seven family medicine organizations and has been in publication since 2003.

    FP Essentials (FPE), ISSN 2159-3000 (Online 2161-9344), is an editorially independent, peer-reviewed publication of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). It, and its derivative product FP Comprehensive™, are produced to assist family physicians and other learners in meeting their continuing medical education (CME), practice, and board certification goals. The monthly monographs focus on new diagnostic methods, treatments, and guidelines specific to family medicine. Each monograph explores a selected topic in-depth, presented in four easy-to-read, brief sections.

    Questions about institutional subscriptions? Contact your subscription agent or the AAFP Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237, or email aafp@aafp.org.