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    Match Resources for Students

    From guides to research to apps to help you match, the AAFP and other organizations have you covered:

    Read Strolling Through the Match
    This essential Match guidebook is updated each year and includes chapters with advice on choosing a specialty and making the most of every year of med school.

    Use the For Students tool in the AAFP app
    Filter, find, and favorite residency programs, and store notes and photos for each program you're interested in. The AAFP app also lets you build custom question lists for interview season. 

    Attend National Conference
    It's never to early to start considering your options. Come to National Conference each summer and meet more than 400 residency programs and explore the specialty of family medicine.

    Access the AAMC's Apply Smart data
    This data can help you determine how many programs to apply to and avoid over- or underapplying.

    Get familiar with the NRMP Match calendar
    The NRMP, which conducts the Main Residency Match, provides updated calendars each year, and serves as a resource for Match rules, yearly trends, and more.

    Membership is free for U.S. medical students.