• Student Membership Ambassador Program

    Grow student interest with an AAFP/FMIG Student Membership Ambassador.

    • Gain more student members.
    • Receive money for your FMIG group.
    • Orient students to the specialty of family medicine.
    • Work closely with medical students and your FMIG.
    Sign up today to start earning incentives. Apply online.

    FMIG Incentives

    Your FMIG will receive the following rewards by increasing AAFP student membership on your campus.

    Number of New AAFP Student applications
    FMIG Receives
    25 $25
    50 $50
    75 $75
    100 $100
    150 $150

    Student Incentives

    Student Membership Ambassadors will receive a $25 gift card each time their FMIG earns an incentive.

    Eligibility Requirements

    The Student Membership Ambassador must:

    • Be an AAFP student member.
    • Complete the FMIG Student Membership Ambassador application.
    • Complete the online form OR send the downloadable application to students@aafp.org.
    • Receive an acceptance email from the AAFP, acknowledging your approval as the AAFP Student Membership Ambassador for your FMIG.