• Communication Tools for FMIGs

    Effective communication with classmates and faculty is key to a successful FMIG. Use the resources below to inspire interest, recruit members, educate people about the value of family medicine, give effective presentations, and connect with other FMIGs.

    You have the freedom to use these tools in whatever way best serves your FMIG – have fun and be creative!

    Family Medicine Handouts and Brochures

    Use these handouts to recruit members and educate people about the specialty of family medicine. Print and distribute any of the resources below, or view and order related products.

    Manage the Match

    Communicate the Value of Family Medicine

    Medical School Tips

    • Online Student Resources -- AAFP resources to help you learn more about family medicine and succeed in medical school.
    • Explore Family Medicine: A Roadmap to Your Future -- This guidebook for pre-medical students gives an overview of medical school and the process of applying.
    • Admissions Guide for Pre-Medical Students – Find data and statistics on the top medical schools for producing family physicians, plus a comprehensive listing of pre-admissions and experiential programs in family medicine, primary care, underserved, or rural medicine programs from the top family medicine-producing allopathic medical schools.
    • Pre-Medical Student Tip Sheet -- Tips on navigating medical school, MCAT preparation and test-taking, and physician shadowing.

    Presentation Center

    Giving a presentation on family medicine to medical students? We’ve put together this resource center to help you successfully tell the story of the specialty and answer the questions that most often come up as students consider their career options.

    Slide Decks

    Browse each slide deck to find the information that’s right for your audience, then mix and match content to build your ideal presentation. You can also use our templates to create new slides.


    How to Deliver an Effective Presentation

    • Get inspired. Watch the AAFP’s "What is Family Medicine?" webcast. The hosts use storytelling to engage their audience and adapt slides to deliver a compelling talk.
    • Include your own  personal reflections and narratives, as well as research to support your key points.
    • Be creative! Use high-quality visuals, video, and audio clips to help impart your message.
    • Consider sharing a relevant brochure or handout at the end of your talk.
    • Seek feedback. Ask attendees to complete a presentation evaluation.
    • Recruit members to your FMIG and the AAFP. Student members can join the AAFP for free and access many benefits. Print and distribute copies of the AAFP student membership applications.

    Videos and Webcasts

    Sometimes you just have to see it for yourself. These must-watch videos make a great addition to a talk about family medicine by introducing a number of meaningful insights, experiences, and creative approaches to thinking about the specialty.


    Get inspiration for your presentation by listening to interesting conversations about family medicine on the American Family Physician podcast. Each of these episodes features interviews with people who have unique perspectives on the specialty. After your talk, send these links to students who you think will connect with these stories.

    AFP Podcast: Interview with Dr. Sydnee McElroy

    This bonus episode features an interview with family physician Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin McElroy, co-hosts of the popular podcast "Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided Medicine."

    AFP Podcast: Interview with J. Lloyd Michener, MD

    This episode features an interview with J. Lloyd Michener, MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University. Dr. Michener is co-founder of the Practical Playbook, which aims to build collaboration between primary care and public health to "achieve population health improvement and reduced healthcare costs."

    AFP Podcast:  Interview with Jamie Katuna

    This episode features an interview with medical student and spoken word artist Jamie Katuna, the creator of the "Primary Care Dreams" viral video.

    AFP Podcast: Interview with John Meigs, MD, FAAFP, Past President of the AAFP

    This interview with John Meigs, MD, FAAFP, former President of the American Academy of Family Physicians and family physician in Centreville, Alabama, covers expected changes in health care in 2017 and beyond, how students and family physicians can become more engaged.

    Further Research for Your Presentation

    FMIG Network Online Community

    Connect with your regional coordinator – a great resource for information about the AAFP and other FMIGs – and join this online community for FMIG members and student leaders to:

    • Stay up to date on important news and events from the AAFP and your regional coordinator.
    • Share insights from your FMIG's experiences.
    • Ask questions.
    • Contribute to discussions.
    • Get ideas and inspiration from other FMIGs in your region.

    FMIG on Social Media

    Connect with the FMIG Network, other family medicine students, and AAFP leaders.

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