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    FMIG Leadership Transitions


    Learn best practices for FMIGs working on new leader recruitment, leadership team structures, leadership transitions, planning and documentation, sustaining momentum, and more. After this webinar, FMIG leaders will:

    • Be able to apply a deliberate and optimal structure to their leadership team.
    • Have new ideas for leadership handoffs.
    • Be inspired to use 1:1 and values leadership skills for recruitment. 

    Speakers: Hannah Smith, Rachel Souza, Ariana Rodriguez, Alex Crockett, Jacob Bryan, MD, Ashley Bentley, MBA, CAE

    FMIG Team Dynamics and Leadership


    Do you want to take your FMIG to the next level this year? The key to establishing a great FMIG is taking time to manage and build your new team. During this webinar, we will cover some important and practical steps you can take as you build and develop your team.

    • Why is teambuilding so important?  Learn the basics of building and developing your team
    • Practical steps to teambuilding during a pandemic
    • First-hand account of an FMIG that focused on and succeeded in building their team

    Speakers: Cody Klinker; Ashley Bentley, MBA, CAE; Judy Gary, MEd; Caitlyn Syptak; Anthony Markuson, M.D.

    FMIG Leadership: Inspiring Programming Ideas

    Inspire your leadership team with new ideas from FMIGs across the country. In lightning rounds, we’ll share the best ideas from FMIGs around the country for FMIG programming, workshops, community service, education, social events, and innovative initiatives to advance family medicine and primary care. Learn from these exemplary FMIGs, and learn how your group can earn recognition for your work with guidance on applying for the AAFP Program of Excellence Awards for FMIGs.

    Speakers: Hannah Smith, Corey Boggs, FMIGs from Mercer University School of Medicine and Keck School of Medicine at USC 

    FMIG Leadership: Fundamentals of Leading a Successful FMIG

    Make sure your FMIG has its bases covered. This workshop is a must for new FMIG leaders, and even experienced members of your team will pick up some new tips. 

    • Make sure your FMIG is taking advantage of all the national resources and support available
    • Adopt best practices for communication and promotion, funding, operations, and programming
    • Keep third- and fourth-year students involved and engaged

    Speakers: Corey Boggs, Austin Brooks, Alex Crockett, Cody Klinker, Garrett Kneese, Ariana Rodriguez, Hannah Smith, Katie Yu 

    AAFP Student Leaders: 2021 Family Medicine Match Stories

    Matching is exciting and overwhelming, and FMIGs often play a role in helping students get prepared for applications, interviews, and more. Learn from students who matched into family medicine in 2021 to see what's ahead for you and your peers.

    Speakers: Hannah Smith, Bright Zhou, Jerome Soldo, Carmen Simmons, Cindy Ciccotelli, Eli Benchell Eisman, Priscilla Auguste


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