• AAFP Governance

    As a professional association, the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) exists to serve the needs of its members. But who decides how to focus the organization's resources to best advance the members’ interests?

    Through the governance process, AAFP members drive the activity of the organization. This site outlines who is involved in governance, how the key bodies set the organization's priorities, and how staff report progress on organizational initiatives.

    The AAFP’s bylaws are the organization’s governing document and contain the core foundational principles and rules by which the AAFP operates and is governed. Amendments are made to the bylaws to adapt to changing conditions. The Congress of Delegates considers and adopts these amendments, and they take effect immediately upon action. 

    AAFP Governance Information Center

    New! Search for AAFP policies, actions taken by the Board of Directors and Congress of Delegates, along with resolutions considered by the NCCL, NCFMR, and NCSM.

    Key Bodies and Groups

    The following key bodies and groups set and/or implement AAFP priorities. Several of the governing bodies have standing rules or rules of order that relate to the functioning of the body and related activities. The AAFP Speaker and Vice Speaker administer these rules.


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