• Executive Management Team

    R. Shawn Martin
    Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer

    Shawn Martin serves as executive vice president and chief executive officer for the American Academy of Family Physicians. Martin works with the AAFP Board of Directors on the mission, strategy, and vision for the AAFP and provides representation to other organizations, including medical, public, and private sectors. He also serves on the board of directors of the AAFP Foundation, the charitable arm of the AAFP.

    Shawn Martin

    Todd C. Dicus, JD, CAE
    Deputy Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

    Todd C. Dicus has overall responsibility for development and implementation of operational strategy, including oversight of budgetary, human resources, legal and compliance functions. He assumed this position in January 2009.

    Todd C. Dicus

    Charlotte Kerner, CPA
    Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

    Charlotte Kerner CPA, is responsible for the financial operations of the organization, including financial reporting, budgets, investments and cash management.

    Charlotte Kerner

    H. Clifton "Clif" Knight, MD, CPE, FAAFP
    Senior Vice President, Education

    H. Clifton “Clif” Knight, MD, FAAFP, is senior vice president, education. He oversees all organizational activities related to medical education and continuing medical education. These areas include education and training of medical students and residents; student interest in the specialty of family medicine, including federal policies that affect it; and CME curriculum development, production, and accreditation and regulations.

    H. Clifton "Clif" Knight, MD, CPE, FAAFP

    Stephanie Quinn
    Senior Vice President, Advocacy, Practice Advancement and Policy  

    Stephanie Quinn serves as senior vice president, advocacy, practice advancement and policy at the AAFP, and is responsible for overseeing the AAFP Division of Government Relations and the Robert Graham Center for Policy Studies in Family Medicine and Primary Care in Washington, DC, as well as the Division of Practice Advancement at the AAFP headquarters in Leawood, Kan. In this role, she directs legislative and private sector advocacy on issues such as physician payment and medical liability reform.

    Stephanie Quinn

    Shannon M. Scott
    Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Membership

    Shannon M. Scott provides strategic input to the AAFP as well as oversight of the organization’s marketing and communications efforts (news, public relations, websites, social media), membership, and meetings and conventions management initiatives.

    Shannon Scott

    Julie K. Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP
    Senior Vice President for Health of the Public, Science and Interprofessional Activities

    Julie K. Wood, MD, MPH, FAAFP has oversight responsibilities for the public health, scientific, and research activities of the AAFP, as well as the AAFP’s relationships with other medical organizations in the United States and abroad. Through these relationships, Wood facilitates the continued development of family medicine and coordinates the AAFP’s international activities.

    Julie Wood