September 1, 1999

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Medical Advice for Commercial Air Travelers

Depression Without Sadness: Alternative Presentations of Depression in Late Life

HELLP Syndrome: Recognition and Perinatal Management

Evaluation and Treatment of Weight Loss in Adults with HIV Disease

Evaluation of Dysuria in Men

Head and Neck Manifestations of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Assessment and Management of Concussion in Sports

Antioxidant Vitamins and the Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

The Eye in Childhood


AAFP News: AFP Edition


Clinical Briefs

Clinical Briefs

Core Educational Guidelines

Care of the Surgical Patient

Curbside Consultation

Disclosing the Truth About a Medical Error

Diary from a Week in Practice

Diary from a Week in Practice


Concussion in Sports

The Value of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplements

Family Practice International

Family Practice International

Inside AFP

University of Wisconsin Series: Tackling Problems in Diagnosis

Medicine and Society

Genetic Testing for Disease Susceptibility: Social, Ethical and Legal Issues for Family Physicians

Photo Quiz

Back Rash

Physician's Bookshelf

Physician's Bookshelf

Quantum Sufficit

Quantum Sufficit

Special Medical Reports

ACC and AHA Update Guidelines for Coronary Angiography

AAP Recommends the Development of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs

Letters to the Editor

The Potential Postfertilization Effect with Use of the IUD

Sarcoidosis and Vasculitis

Monitoring Warfarin Therapy

Tips From Other Journals

TENS vs. PENS vs. Exercise Therapy for Low Back Pain

Behavior Therapy Compared with Drug Therapy for Insomnia

Optimal Daily Methadone Dosage to Treat Opioid Dependence

Sildenafil for Diabetes-Related Erectile Dysfunction

Does Echinacea Extract Prevent or Ameliorate Respiratory Infections?

Correctly Diagnosing Tuberculosis in Children

Length of Antibiotic Therapy After Abdominal Trauma

Does Aspirin Therapy Increase the Risk of Stroke?

Dietary Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Cardioprotective or Not?

Assessing Relapse Potential in Patients with Asthma

Flexibility Exercise Can Decrease Overuse Leg Injuries

Aerobic Activity vs. T'ai Chi: Effects on Blood Pressure

Dipyridamole Thallium Scanning After Acute MI

Why Do Physicians Treat Purulent URI with Antibiotics?

Effects of Beta Blockers and Diuretics on Lipoproteins

Corticosteroids in Patients with Polymyalgia Rheumatica

Modafinil for Sleepiness Associated with Narcolepsy

Childhood Trauma and Dissociation in Adulthood

Occult Pneumonias in Febrile Children with Leukocytosis

Snack Foods With Olestra and Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Case Studies of Liver Failure Induced by Nefazodone

Percutaneous Transluminal Myocardial Revascularization

Vehicle Operation in Patients with Vasovagal Syncope

Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children

The Role of Antihypertensive Drugs in Elderly Patients

Nighttime Ipratropium in Patients with Sleep Problems

Mental Stress as a Risk Factor for Myocardial Ischemia

Evaluating Renal Masses Using Image-Guided Biopsy

Can Exercise Reduce Fatigue During Chemotherapy?


Patient Information

Diabetic Neuropathy: What You Can Do About It

Eye Care for People with Diabetes

Foot Care for People with Diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: What It Means for You and Your Baby

Tips on Safe Air Travel

Can Vitamins Help with Heart Disease?


What Is Amblyopia and How Is It Treated?

Genetic Testing: What You Should Know

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease: More Than Heartburn

HELLP Syndrome and Your Pregnancy

Nutrition and Exercise When You Have HIV

CME Quiz

CME Course Information

Evidence-Based Medicine Glossary

Classified Information


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