• Credit Application Process Overview

    Step 1: Review AAFP's Eligibility Requirements

    CME providers may apply for AAFP credit for CME activities that are relevant to family medicine and meet the AAFP Credit System's eligibility requirements. It may be helpful to reference our decision tree when trying to determine whether a topic is eligible for AAFP CME credit. It’s also recommended that CME providers familiarize themselves with Credit System policies prior to applying.

    Step 2: Establish Individual and Organization Accounts

    Individuals who wish to apply for credit must have an individual AAFP account that is linked to an AAFP Credit System CME provider account.

    Individual Accounts:

     If an individual does not have an existing individual AAFP account, one must be created. Once an individual account exists, individuals can request to have it linked to an existing organization account by emailing cmecredit@aafp.org. Any questions pertaining to individual account creation should be directed to the Member Resource Center at (800) 274-2237 or by emailing aafp@aafp.org.

    CME Provider Organization Accounts:

    If the organization under which applications for CME credit will be submitted does not have an active AAFP Credit System CME provider account, a request to create a new provider account, along with a one-time fee, must be submitted so the Credit System can assess the organization’s eligibility and if appropriate, establish a new account. The following information is required in the New Provider Form:

    • Your contact information and AAFP ID #.
    • A list of all other individuals, and their AAFP ID#’s, who also need to be linked to the organization account.
    • The organization’s name, type, contact information, purpose and mission, and primary intended audience.
    • Organizational chart only if your organization, or any of its sister or parent companies, produces, markets, re-sells, or distributes healthcare products used by or on patients.
    • Copies of the following documentation:
      • Completed educational plan using this template for one CME session.
      • Example of the CME activity evaluation and/or assessment
      • Copy of your organization’s CME Relevant Financial Relationship Policy and Disclosure Form
      • Copy of your organization’s policy for managing commercial support

    Once you are ready to access the New Provider form, click here. (If you are only offering ALSO or BLSO courses, then please complete this request form instead.)

    • If you are logged into your individual AAFP account, you will be taken directly to the “Request a CME Provider Account” webpage.
    • If you are not logged into your individual account, you will be prompted to login first.
    • Once on the webpage, “Click to Begin New Submission” to fill out the form.
    • Once you have answered all questions, click “Save and Finalize” to submit.
    • Upon completing this form, an email will be sent to the Credit System and staff will review the submission to determine the next steps, including collecting the fee. Please allow for up to 10 business days for staff to reply to these requests.

    Step 3: Complete a Credit Application

    Log in to your CME provider dashboard to complete your application. Once logged in, you will see your dashboard, which lists all applications for which you are the application owner.

    To apply for AAFP CME credit, CME providers must follow the below steps to submit an online credit application.

    1. Select one of three pathways: Simple, Advanced, or ALSO/BLSO. (The application pathway is determined based upon the structure and design of a CME provider’s educational content.)
    2. Enter activity level details.
    3. Add a session, or sessions, with the appropriate session format(s) and session level details.
    4. Submit and pay for the application. View fees.


    Contact: AAFP Credit System
    (800) 274-2237

     CME Provider Login