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  • ALSO® Instructor Questions

    Who can attend an ALSO Instructor Course?

    Anyone with a current ALSO Provider status can attend an ALSO Instructor Course.

    What are the requirements to maintain ALSO Approved Instructor status?

    To maintain your ALSO Approved Instructor status, you must meet two requirements every three years:

    • Teach in at least two courses*
    • Complete the ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course, in which participants review all updated content, attest to reviewing it, and claim credit upon completion

    *Please note: ALSO Approved Instructors with five-year status are still required to teach in three courses. Upon your expiration date, if you meet the teaching requirements and complete the ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course, you will renew for three more years.

    If my ALSO Approved Instructor status expired because I did not complete one or both requirements, how do I regain my status?

    If your ALSO Approved Instructor status has expired, you must do all of the following to regain your status:

    • Attend an ALSO Provider Course
    • Attend an ALSO Instructor Course
    • Teach in an ALSO or Basic Life Support in Obstetrics (BLSO®) Provider Course to be observed and recommended by an advisory faculty member again

    How do instructors check their status, expiration date, and/or required teaching instances?

    Your ALSO Approved Instructor status and expiration date are located on your ALSO wallet card. For AAFP members, this is found in your AAFP account or transcript, along with your letter of participation. In addition, teaching instances are recorded in the AAFP account or transcript each time an individual is listed as an instructor on a course dashboard. 

    Do instructors need to spend a lot of time teaching and demonstrating skills at the hands-on workstations during the live course?

    No. Keep in mind that learners spend hours preparing for the ALSO Live Course by completing the online course. Additionally, to keep the course schedule on track, instructors must adhere strictly to the time allotted for their skills workstations.

    Is it necessary to purchase the new ALSO instructor manual?

    We encourage nonapproved instructors to obtain the most up-to-date version of the ALSO instructor manual.

    Please note that this manual and the ALSO provider manual are available to all ALSO Approved Instructors as part of the ALSO Online Instructor Renewal Course.

    Now that I have attended an ALSO Instructor Course, am I considered an ALSO Approved Instructor?

    You are now considered an ALSO instructor candidate. To become an ALSO Approved Instructor, you must teach in an ALSO or BLSO Provider Course within one year of your ALSO Instructor Course date and have a current advisory faculty member observe your teaching skills. The advisory faculty member must complete an evaluation form, which the course sponsor will keep on file for two years. The sponsor will check the box for ‘Recommend Approved Instructor’ next to your name on the dashboard that is submitted after the live course.

    How do I find an ALSO Provider Course to teach in so that I can be evaluated to become an ALSO Approved Instructor?

    Most course sponsors are open to having ALSO instructor candidates teach at least one or two workstation(s) or group testing station(s). You can find upcoming approved ALSO courses on the Search All AAFP Certified CME webpage by entering ‘ALSO Provider’ in the search field. Reach out to the contact listed to inquire about the possibility of teaching and being observed by an advisory faculty member at their course.

    I am ALSO advisory faculty. Can I also serve as the course director for the same course?

    Yes. Consider your faculty and course circumstances and use your best judgment about your capabilities to serve in both roles at your course.

    How can I keep informed about the latest updates and new information about ALSO courses?

    When we have important updates or release new ALSO content editions, we notify ALSO Approved Instructors and ALSO coordinators in the following ways:


    ALSO Department (dashboard and status inquiries)
    (800) 274-2237, ext. 7506
    (For efficiency, please do not contact individual staff.)

    Member Resource Center (orders, invoice, AAFP ID assistance)
    (800) 274-2237