• Clinical Recommendations

    The AAFP provides clinical recommendations for preventing and managing acute and chronic conditions.

    You’ll see a combination of AAFP-developed guidelines and recommendations from external organizations (e.g. USPSTF or other medical specialty societies) that have been reviewed for endorsement or support. AAFP clinical guidance includes different types of evidence-based recommendations such as preventive services, clinical practice guidelines, and Choosing Wisely. These recommendations cover topics across the lifespan of your patients.

    For recommendations developed by other organizations, the AAFP completes a review using set criteria to ensure a rigorous methodology, relevance to family medicine, and patient-oriented outcomes. 

    Recently Published

    The AAFP has developed comprehensive clinical guidance on:

    • Mental and Behavioral Health, which is a centralized hub for family physicians to locate a comprehensive collection of resources on mental and behavioral health.
    • Brain Health, which provides a range of clinical guidance resources on brain health topics, such as dementia, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and more.
    • Hypertension, which provides screening recommendations for children and adults, as well as treatment and and management recommendations.
    • Immunizations and Vaccines, which addresses misinformation, provides vaccination schedules, patient education, CME, and includes a wide array of other information.
    • COVID-19, which provides information on vaccines, education, telehealth, and public health emergency wind-down news.
    • Diabetes Screening for Adults, which offers screening recommendations for adults aged 40 to 70 years who have overweight or obesity and pregnant individuals at or after 24 weeks gestation. 

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