• Physician Well-being and COVID-19

    physician during covid-19

    You’ve shouldered an incomprehensible amount of stress and grief during the COVID-19 pandemic—it’s more important than ever that you care for your own well-being.

    Family physicians have seen it all while serving on the front lines of a global pandemic. Patients’ health care needs have spiraled, the hazards of providing that care have intensified, and misinformation is rampant. Despite this, you continue to rise to the challenge. Meeting these demands can be overwhelming. If you are worried about the impact the pandemic has had on your or a colleague’s mental health, the AAFP is here to support you with well-being information and practical resources.


    Our Commitment to Your Well-being

    In order to care for your patients, you must first care for yourself. That’s why we have created and curated tools and resources to help you stay passionate about your purpose: providing high-quality care. By addressing the causes of physician burnout, you can improve your well-being and professional satisfaction.