• Practicing Self-care

    In order to take care of others, you first have to care for yourself.

    Fortunately, there are resources to help you take action to help improve your own well-being, including establishing healthy eating habits, assessing and improving your sleep, practicing mindfulness, and taking deliberate steps to increase happiness with tools like meditation and exercise.

    Mindfulness: Find focus, improve your happiness

    Mindfulness at Work | Article

    Learn creative approaches for managing common workplace stressors.

    U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy discusses the important role happiness plays in our health.

    Learn how to do a simple breath-focused meditation while sitting and how this helps you on the job. (6 minutes, 25 seconds)

    Follow along for a sitting meditation, with bells at one minute intervals and guidance to set you up for an effective session. (4 minutes, 37 seconds)

    Enjoy an introduction to walking meditation and learn differences and similarities between sitting and walking meditation. (3 minutes, 47 seconds)

    Follow along for a ten-minute walking meditation, with bells at two minute intervals and guidance to set you up for an effective session. (12 minutes, 11 seconds)

    Follow an inner journey into your imagination and explore your dominant imagery channel. (3 minutes, 5 seconds)

    Body Scan Guided Imagery | Watch | CME

    Follow along for toe-to-head full-body relaxation guidance. (12 minutes, 53 seconds)

    Access coaching videos on well-being

    Finances and Healthy Lifestyle: Eat, Sleep, and Live Better

    Evaluate your habits and make healthier choices through a practice rooted in mindfulness.

    Learn how to prioritize sleep and combat common sleep issues.

    Sleep is essential to your overall health, well-being and optimal functionality. 

    Gain a better understanding of the nuances of financial decision-making that occurs at different stages of your career as a physician. (6 minutes, 10 seconds)

    Do finances affect your well-being? Yes! These lessons will help you face money challenges now and plan long term. (26 minutes, 22 seconds)

    Self-care Skills: Learn and Apply Techniques

    Utilize an improvement process to apply evidence-based wellness strategies and construct an actionable Personal Health Improvement Plan (PHIP). (54 minutes, 21 seconds)

    Stress and burnout go hand in hand, and can be amplified by racism, bias, and public health challenges. Learn how to recognize when your well-being is at risk and care yourself in any situation. (69 minutes, 40 seconds)

    The Boundary Ritual | Watch | CME

    Learn to take your "doctor hat" off, come all the way home, and recharge the energy you put into your practice. (7 minutes, 11 seconds)

    Since we need a clear mind and optimal immune function, we're going to have to do something about chronic stress. (9 minutes, 1 second)

    Building a Better Day Off | Watch | CME

    Don't spend all your time off simply taking care of another to-do list. Try one of these day-off maximizers instead. (5 minutes, 4 seconds)

    Two-week Vacation Secrets | Watch | CME

    These tools will help two-week vacations become a reality for you and your family. (6 minutes, 5 seconds)

    Protect yourself from over-commitment and defend your ideal practice and ideal life. (5 minutes, 26 seconds)

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