Sep 1998

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Do You Have a Year 2000 Problem?

Demand Management: Putting Patients First

Demand Management: Implementing Your Own Program

Demand Management: The Patient Education Connection


Editor's Page

What's Bugging You? Maybe FPM Can Help
Robert L. Edsall

Getting Paid

How to Handle Problems With Self-Pay Patients
Robert B. Connelly

Medicare Update

A Quick Review of Reassignment Can Help Avert Fraud Accusations
Kent J. Moore

Communication Skills

Physician, Laugh at Thyself
Kenneth G. Davis

Salaried FP

Do You Belong on the Board of Directors?
Richard E. Thompson

FP Stat

An Average Workload


What's All the Fuss About Coding?

Make Good With Imperfect Data

Staff Surveys Tell More Than Patient Surveys

Coding & Documentation

Documenting Decision Making for a New ProblemRoutine VenipunctureIntrathecal AnesthesiaProlonged Labor and a C-sectionLab Panel Codes


Aetna, Physicians Embattled AgainPrimary Care Recruitment Slows; Family Practice Remains on TopHospitalists' Care Shown to Lower CostsHow to Help Seniors With Questions About Medicare+Choice


Effective Mission StatementsCharging for Medical Record Copies

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