Improving Service and Increasing Patient Satisfaction

    Susan Keane Baker

    What keeps patients coming back to the same practice? The author's answer may surprise you.

    The Truth About Antitrust

    David Ettinger

    Physicians contemplating a merger or network should certainly think about antitrust laws, but they need not fear them.

    World Wide Web 101

    Gil L. Solomon

    What's so great about the Internet? How do you get to it? And what do you do once you're there? Join the author for a guided tour.

    Protect Your Practice With a Medicare and Medicaid Compliance Program

    Ana-Maria McKessy, Robert J. Saner, II

    Implementing a formal plan can help prevent fraud and reduce the likelihood of significant penalties, but remember that one size fits one.


    Taking a Dip in Cyberspace

    Robert L. Edsall

    I'm not sure when, but some time in the past couple of years the World Wide Web stopped being a fad. Yes, it is still trendy, I guess, but it's not just trendy. It's becoming necessary. Remember the days when you scorned pagers as status symbols for ego-challenged executives?...


    Dancing With the Federal Trade Commission

    Roger Shenkel

    This issue of Family Practice Management includes an article by David Ettinger, JD, titled “The Truth About Antitrust.” If the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is anywhere in your mind, you should look the article over. It is refreshing yet uncommon to hear a lawyer give a...


    Rewarding performance vs. longevity

    A pound of prevention

    D. Michael Jervis



    Kent J. Moore, Maryann Szostak-Ricardo

    Coding a nursing-home visit | Notifying patients and insurers when a physician leaves


    Reimbursement Strategies

    Kent J. Moore

    AMA House Rejects ‘New Framework,’ Votes to Oppose Quantitative Documentation Guidelines | New Options for Billing for PA Services



    RBPE proposal means smaller gains for primary care doctors | HCFA turns to citizens, contractors to find fraud


    How to Manage Your Staff When You're Not the Manager

    Maxine Pollack

    “Can't I just practice medicine and leave running the office to the office manager?” This is the most common question I hear from my clients. Physicians often tell me they didn't go to medical school to be managers!


    Five Ways to Say ‘No’ Effectively

    Pamela J. Vaccaro

    It's not your imagination: You do have more to do these days and you are expected to get it all done in less time. Technology has put more in front of you to read and created more ways for the world to reach you 24 hours a day.


    PBMs: A Mighty Few

    Pharmacy benefit management companies (PBMs) may indeed have the potential for cutting drug costs, but many worry that they might also have the potential for controlling physicians' prescribing habits. Over half the U.S. population receives drug benefits through PBMs, which...


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