The New AMA President Answers Your Questions

    Joseph Sgammato

    Doctors and patients must make hard choices or face “the dark ages of medicine,” warns family physician Nancy Dickey, MD.

    It's Time to Start Practicing Population-Based Health Care

    Marc L. Rivo

    You don't have to be part of an integrated delivery system to optimize care for populations of patients with common conditions.

    When a Physician Practice Management Company Comes Calling

    Robert P. Carlson

    Do you know what to do if a PPMC shows interest in partnering with you and your practice?

    Family Physicians and Nurse Practitioners — A Perfect Team

    Lyndia Flanagan

    One upstate New York family practice has found collaborative practice a way to remain independent.


    Where Do We Go From Here?

    Robert L. Edsall

    Think back even a few years: Would you have said that the AMA might elect a female president the same year it snowed in hell? Surely Nancy Dickey's election is a sign of significant change in the weather. If it's not exactly snowing in hell, at least the effects of global...


    The E/M Documentation Guidelines: Back to the Drawing Board

    Neil H. Brooks

    Nothing since the health care reform debate has created such ire or angst in the physician community as the proposed Documentation Guidelines for Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services. These guidelines were developed by HCFA and the AMA in concert with representatives of...


    Obsessed with coding, or patient care?

    John T. Littell

    Computerized charts for the Mac

    Jill E. Mackey

    Practice management and residency training



    Evelyn Eskin, J. Landy Damsey

    Patient satisfaction surveys | Support staff ratios


    Changes Proposed for the E/M Documentation Guidelines

    Leigh Ann Henry

    It's official. Implementation of the revised E/M documentation guidelines has been delayed to allow time for further changes. The announcement was made at a special fly-in meeting convened by the AMA on April 27. In a letter to AMA President Percy Wootton, MD, that was made...

    Use Random Audits to Find Payment Problems

    Judy Capko

    As you contract with more managed care plans and begin to see your adjustments climb, you need processes to help ensure that your practice gets paid for the work you do. One step your practice can take is to conduct periodic random audits of your reimbursement systems and...



    Primary care shortage questioned | Medicare slows payment of claims | Hospitalist group affiliates with ACP | Proposals simplify electronic claims | Kaiser-union pact: Nurses to evaluate quality of care


    Promoting Your Staff Makes Good Financial Sense

    Robert B. Connelly

    Of the choices you make for your practice, hiring decisions are among the biggest. As you know, a great staff can help you succeed, and a poor one can shut you down. And with patient satisfaction increasingly becoming the primary yardstick health plans use to measure...


    Sticking Up for Primary Care

    Family medicine faculty have a high level of enthusiasm for primary care that their counterparts in general internal medicine apparently do not share. In a recent survey comparing faculty members' attitudes toward primary care, family medicine faculty were more likely to...


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