Using Qualitative Self-Evaluation in Rating Physician Performance

    Steven C. Flood

    Because of the nature of a doctor's work, self-evaluation can provide insights that performance evaluation generally doesn't offer.

    Rural Practice and Managed Care: A Success Story

    Robert J. Ranney

    These family physicians have found a way to gain the leverage needed to manage managed care.

    The Managed Care Transition: Touching All the Bases

    Kenneth G. Davis

    As his multispecialty group ushered in change, the author found that life imitates baseball.

    Readers Speak Out on Solo Practice

    Brandi White

    You'd have to be crazy to fly solo these days, right? See what your peers had to say.


    Have You Visited FPM Online Lately?

    Robert L. Edsall

    If you haven't stopped by our web site recently, you're missing a good resource. You may not be aware that, for a year now, we've been posting the full text of every FPM article and not even charging for access the way some journals do. Our aim is to make FPM as useful to you...


    Freedom and power for salaried docs

    William J. Epperson

    Pack rats wanted

    Resources for the doctor-patient relationship

    CPR isn't what it used to be

    William M. Fuchs



    Kent J. Moore

    Documentation Guidelines Likely to Change | Billing for NP Services: What You Need to Know



    Managed care reform remains high on state legislative agendas | Match numbers drop for primary care


    Five Steps to Recovering Flood-Damaged Records

    Leigh Ann Henry

    Blame it on El Niño, Mother Nature — even managed care, if you prefer. Whatever its cause, the harsh weather that continues to plague much of the country makes the topic of salvaging water-damaged materials timely. The following tips come from Kay Myrtle, regional manager of...

    Accessibility Is the Key

    Wanda Kelsey-Mendez

    Your office hours are a powerful marketing tool. Accessibility is high on the list of factors that attract patients to a particular practice.


    The Race to Integrate

    Vertical integration, in which multiple health care providers and services join together as one system, is not simply a new wave in health care; it's a tsunami. Hospitals, in their rush to integrate, have been capturing physician practices at a remarkable pace. Between 1993...


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