Coding and Documentation Made Easier

    Carole Guillaume

    The author's physician-friendly tool can help you to code more confidently.

    Enhancing Referrals With a Computer-Generated Form

    David J. Keulen

    Here's how one family physician used his computer to simplify the referral process.

    Restoring the Balance: The Sabbatical Year of a Family Physician

    Bruce V. Davis

    A 12-month respite gave this family physician a new perspective on his personal and professional lives — and on himself.

    Physician Practice Management Companies: Too Good to Be True?

    Robert P. Carlson

    More family physicians are joining forces with the likes of PhyCor and MedPartners. Find out what PPMCs have to offer.


    The Documentation Guidelines: Read 'em and Weep

    Robert L. Edsall

    “The American Academy of Family Physicians strongly believes that the new E/M documentation guidelines as currently constructed are unacceptable and cannot be fixed by minor alterations. Accordingly, we urge the Health Care Financing Administration to recall the guidelines...


    Three cheers for solo practice

    A side effect of the new coding rules

    James R. Hill



    An Ounce of Prevention

    Kent J. Moore

    They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Unfortunately, federal law — and Medicare, by extension — has not put much stock in the old adage. However, the Balanced Budget Act of 1997 (BBA) has begun to remedy that. The new law liberalizes coverage for some...



    Colorado IPA prevails in antitrust case | Panel doesn't endorse patients' rights law


    How to Keep Salaries on Track and Under Control

    Judy Capko

    Although staffing is the greatest expense on most family practices' income and expense reports, it's also the most essential. Practices can't succeed without high-quality employees to do everything from answering the phone to drawing blood. And you can't find and keep good...


    Benefit Programs: Look Before You Leap

    David M. Morris

    Whether you're looking for a better salaried position or just now thinking about moving from private to employed practice, you have a lot to consider before you make your switch. Too often, physicians see the advantages of a salaried position, such as more predictable patient...


    How Satisfied Are Your Patients?

    Patient satisfaction surveys can be useful tools for quality improvement, but don't expect your patients to be 100 percent satisfied. According to data gathered by the American Medical Group Association from 20 multispecialty groups, 47 percent of patients rate family...


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