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Your well-being is vital to a thriving and long-lasting career in family medicine and to your patients' health and outcomes. This is why the AAFP is offering members free access to the Physician Well-being Index. This brief online assessment, developed by Mayo Clinic in partnership with MedEd Solutions, evaluates multiple dimensions of distress and burnout in just seven to nine questions to provide immediate individualized feedback.

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Please note that you will need to create an account on the Physician Well-being Index website before you can take the assessment.   

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What is the Physician Well-being Index and why take it?

The Physician Well-being Index is an online assessment tool that measures wellness. When you take the assessment, you will have access to:

  • Instant feedback on your Well-being Index score compared to other participants
  • Resources from the AAFP and other national organizations to help you improve well-being and professional satisfaction
  • A dashboard to help you track your progress

As an AAFP member, you may take the Physician Well-being Index assessment up to once a month if you wish to track your progress toward your well-being goals.

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We respect your privacy

The Physician Well-being Index assessment is anonymous and confidential--your personalized data will not be shared with the AAFP or any other individuals or companies. Participation in the Physician Well-being Index assessment is voluntary. Access to resources on this portal are meant to provide tools to help you understand how burnout affects family physicians, assess your risk, and identify steps to help you improve well-being.


For questions or more information about the Physician Well-being Index or the AAFP's Physician Health First initiative, please contact us.