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    One of the biggest benefits of joining your professional organization is the strength you gain in numbers. By coming together as one organization, you can unite around issues that matter to your chosen profession—issues that need to be addressed today, not tomorrow.

    Together, we will innovate. We will find new ways to create more efficiencies while also being on the forefront of the specialty’s future.

    Therein lies the beauty of membership in the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP).

    Choose Patients Over Paperwork

    We’re always pushing for policy that leads to administrative simplification. For instance, the AAFP is lobbying against an interim final rule, which is included in the implementation guidance for last year’s No Surprises Act that goes into effect January 2022. The rule, as currently worded, may bring potential burdens to primary care practices.     

    Add Convenience

    As part of our overall administrative simplification efforts, we are helping family physicians navigate documentation changes, such as updates to the evaluation and management coding. But that’s just the beginning of what support and resources we provide members to increase administrative simplification.

    Reclaim Time

    Your day shouldn’t be filled with administrative tasks. One major pain point is prior authorizations. To help, we constantly seek out solutions that help you streamline processes, so be sure to check out this video featuring prior authorization tips.

    Reduce Charting

    The AAFP Innovation Lab seeks out time-saving tools. For example, members received the chance to test an artificial intelligence-powered digital assistant, and they found that it cut in-clinic documentation in half and reduced after-hours charting by 70%.

    While you can’t put a number on everything, you can place a value on what an AAFP membership is worth.


    When we work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish.