• Member Feedback Shapes Academy Priorities

    October 21, 2021, 9:28 a.m. News Staff — We know how much your patients and communities depend on you. That’s why the AAFP works tirelessly to deliver the resources you need to be successful, from the most relevant CME to practice management tools to advocacy that advances the specialty. Every year, we ask active and resident members to share feedback through the annual Member Satisfaction Survey to ensure that the AAFP’s work on your behalf is focused on what matters most.

    member satisfaction survey image

    The results of this year’s survey show that you continue to see high value in the AAFP’s efforts. Your overall satisfaction rose this year — a year of a pandemic in which family physicians had more need than ever for a bold champion. Here are a few highlights that have seen strong progress over the last five years:

    • 82% of respondents would recommend AAFP membership to other family physicians, an increase of 12 percentage points.*
    • 93% confidently turn to the AAFP as a trusted resource for information, a 7-point increase.*
    • 76% point to the Academy’s success in boldly championing family medicine, a 13-point increase.*

    You can dive deeper into these numbers at aafp.org/2021mss.  

    But we understand there is always more work to do. In this year’s survey, you outlined priorities where the AAFP should focus to further support you and elevate the specialty of family medicine. The top priorities you identified are

    • working to reduce administrative burden,
    • advocating for health care system and payment models that value primary care,
    • increasing overall payment and
    • protecting family physicians’ interests with regard to non-physician providers.

    The Academy is responding by doubling down on efforts to drive administrative simplification to ensure you can focus on what you love the most — patient care. And we are highlighting our advocacy priorities and wins that advance the specialty and sharing ways you can get involved in advocacy work.  

    Stay tuned to hear about the progress on these priorities throughout the year.

    * Compared to 2017 survey results