• AAFP Makes Website, Mobile App Enhancements

    Better Site Search, More Roll Out This Month

    June 16, 2022, 12:35 p.m. News Staff —You already know that AAFP.org has the best collection of up-to-date resources family physicians need for education, patient care, practice tools and more. Although feedback on the website (refreshed in August 2020) has been largely positive, we identified improvements that make accessing the tools and resources you need even easier. Beginning next week, look for:

    website update concept


    • Improved search functionality: On June 22 a new, improved site search will help AAFP members be more successful when looking for specific content on the website. The new search will use machine learning to present results that are most relevant to each individual searcher. Searchers can also take advantage of more robust filtering options to zero in on specific CME, publications, news and clinical recommendations.
    • Improved CME reporting: The same machine learning that powers the new site search also allows a better overall experience for reporting CME. Within CME Reporter, if you have unreported CME for courses purchased from the AAFP, you’ll be prompted to report those courses first. For other courses, simply use the new search tool on the page to find the courses you need to report. In addition to an option to search and report, there are tabs to report CME from AAFP journals and publications as well as self-directed activities. It’s also easier and faster to manually report CME not accredited by the AAFP, such as hospital grand rounds.
    • My Account enhancements: An important change to note regarding CME Reporter is that member transcripts and reelection summaries will no longer live natively within this section of the website. Although members can still access this information from CME Reporter, transcripts and reelection summaries are now hosted and available in the My Account section of the website along with member profiles and purchase/transaction histories. This change allows members to access all personal information from a single location on AAFP.org. 

    Watch this video to see the changes to CME Reporter in action. 

    • Streamlined residency directory: Students can search for residency programs by program title, hospital, or location, as well as filter results even further by community setting or program type. Details for each residency program can be found simply by clicking on the title of the residency program in the search results.
    •  Redesigned journals and publications: The journals and publications you rely on—American Family Physician, FPM and FP Essentials—now have a refreshed look. FP Essentials has also been redesigned for ease of navigation.
    • Improved mobile app functionality: Finally, you also will see additional functionality within the AAFP mobile app. Although members already have the ability to access monthly editions of AFP, FPM and FP Essentials on the app, you will soon be able to complete and submit publication quizzes for CME credit via the app. Members can even complete quizzes while offline and submit answers when reconnected to the internet.

      For those who take advantage of the AAFP’s audio products in the mobile app, you can now pause the audio or close the mobile app without hesitation. The next time you return to the audio product, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

    The AAFP website and mobile app continue to be an important source of information and resources for members, and the Academy will continue to invest in improving the member experience on those channels. If there are areas for improvement you’d like to share with the AAFP’s digital team, please leave them in the comments below or email them to aafp@aafp.org.