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    Stable Coronary Artery Disease: Treatment

    Michael M. Braun, William A. Stevens, Craig H. Barstow

    Coronary artery disease is considered stable if patients are asymptomatic or their symptoms are controlled by medications or revascularization. Treatment involves risk factor management, antiplatelet therapy, and antianginal medications. Tobacco cessation, exercise, and...

    Chronic Pancreatitis: Diagnosis and Treatment

    Kathleen Barry

    Clinical manifestations of chronic pancreatitis include disabling abdominal pain, steatorrhea, and diabetes mellitus. Computed tomography is the recommended initial imaging study. However, diagnosis is challenging, especially in the early stages of disease, and patients may...

    Evaluation of Suspected Dementia

    Nathan Falk, Ariel Cole, T. Jason Meredith

    The prevalence of dementia is likely to increase as the number of Americans older than 65 years is expected to double by 2060. Older age is the greatest risk factor for dementia. Other strong risk factors include family history of dementia; personal history of cardiovascular...

    AAFP News Now: AFP Edition

    AAFP News: AFP Edition

    Study: Underutilization of Team-Based Care Linked to Burnout in Primary Care Physicians | AAFP Joins Other Physician Groups in Demanding Action on Gun Violence | 2018 Osteopathic Match Again Shows Family Medicine on Top | Updated E/M Documentation Rules Aim to Support Primary...


    ACC/AHA Hypertension Guideline: What Is New? What Do We Do?

    Michael LeFevre

    Choosing a threshold and target for treatment should be based on the science supporting CVD risk reduction, while considering the benefits and harms in individual patient circumstances and respecting patient choice.


    Lesinurad (Zurampic) for Gout

    Phung C. On

    Lesinurad taken in addition to a xanthine oxidase inhibitor reduces serum uric acid levels. However, it does not reduce the likelihood of experiencing a gout flare-up or completely resolving tophi.

    Putting Prevention Into Practice

    Screening for Thyroid Cancer

    Elisabeth Kato, David W. Niebuhr

    A 45-year-old Korean American woman comes to your office for a wellness visit. She has a history of allergic rhinitis, and her family history is significant for diabetes mellitus in her father. She describes her health as good and has no concerns.


    Minimal Effect of ERT on Sexual Function in Menopausal Women

    Allen F. Shaughnessy

    Transdermal, but not oral, estrogen produced a small improvement in sexual function scores in menopausal women. The increases were very small and may not be noticeable by most women.

    Ibuprofen and Morphine Provide Similar Post-op Pain Relief in Kids; Ibuprofen Has Fewer Harms

    Mark H. Ebell

    This carefully designed and adequately powered study found no difference in pain reduction between ibuprofen and oral morphine in children with postoperative pain. Adverse effects, however, were much more likely with morphine.

    High-Sensitivity Troponin I of Less Than 5 ng per L Has Negative Predictive Value of 99.9% for Cardiac Death at One Year

    David Slawson

    A cardiac troponin I concentration of less than 5 ng per L in adults who present with potential acute coronary syndrome has a negative predictive value (NPV) of at least 99.9% for cardiac death at 30 days and at one year.

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    Recurrent Oral Ulcers in a Refugee

    Sahil Mullick, Yow-Jeng Franny Pan, Anand Desai, Sonal Singh, Essien Ekong

    A refugee from Africa presented with seven months of recurrent painful oral ulcers that began before arriving in the United States.

    Practice Guidelines

    High Blood Pressure: ACC/AHA Releases Updated Guideline

    Carrie Armstrong

    The American College of Cardiology (ACC) and American Heart Association (AHA) recently updated their guideline on the prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high BP in adults. The ACC/AHA recommendations were based on a systematic review that addressed four...

    U.S. Preventative Services Task Force

    Screening for Thyroid Cancer: Recommendation Statement

    The USPSTF recommends against screening for thyroid cancer in asymptomatic adults.

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    Probiotics for Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety

    Erin Westfall, Dana Brandenburg

    A combination of three probiotic species slightly improves symptoms in patients with major depressive disorder. Lactobacillus casei alone does not affect depressive symptoms in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, but it does improve anxiety.


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