• Coding for E/M home visits changed this year. Here’s what you need to know

    CPT has revised codes for at-home evaluation and management (E/M) services as of Jan. 1, 2023. Services to patients in a private residence (e.g., house or apartment) or temporary lodgings (e.g., hotel or shelter) are now combined with services in facilities where only minimal health care is provided (e.g., independent or assisted living) in these code families:

    Home or residence E/M services, new patient

    • 99341, straightforward medical decision making (MDM) or at least 15 minutes total time,

    • 99342, low level MDM or at least 30 minutes total time,

    • 99344 (code 99343 has been deleted), moderate level MDM or at least 60 minutes total time, 

    • 99345, high level MDM or at least 75 minutes total time.

    Home or residence services, established patient   

    • 99347, straightforward MDM or at least 20 minutes total time,

    • 99348, low level MDM or at least 30 minutes total time,

    • 99349, moderate level MDM or at least 40 minutes total time,

    • 99350, high level MDM or at least 60 minutes total time. 

    Select these codes based on either your level of medical decision making or total time on the date of the encounter, similar to selecting codes for office visits. The E/M codes specific to domiciliary, rest home (e.g., boarding home), or custodial care (99324-99238, 99334-99337, 99339, and 99340) have been deleted, and the above codes should also be used in those settings.

    When total time on the date of the encounter exceeds the threshold for code 99345 or 99350 by at least 15 minutes, you can add code 99417 to report prolonged services. The exception to this is for patients with Medicare. For those patients, report prolonged home or residence services to Medicare with code G0318 in addition to 99345 (requires total time ≥140 minutes) or 99350 (requires total time ≥110 minutes). Code G0318 is not limited to time on the date of the encounter, but includes any work within three days prior to the service or within seven days after.

    Services provided in facilities where significant medical or psychiatric care is available (e.g., nursing facility, intermediate care facility for persons with intellectual disabilities, or psychiatric residential treatment facility) are reported with codes 99304-99310.

    — Cindy Hughes, CPC, CFPC

    Posted on Jan. 19, 2023

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