• Five mobile apps to help patients with anxiety and depression

    We used FPM’s SPPACES app review criteria to find the most helpful apps for patients with anxiety and depression. Here are five you can recommend to your patients:

    • 7 Cups provides trained listeners 24 hours a day: Android; iOS.
    • MoodTools and FearTools provide resources for tracking thought patterns and creating a safety plan: MoodTools Android and iOS; FearTools Android and iOS.
    • Booster Buddy helps teens and young adults improve their resilience: Android; iOS.
    • SleepBot tracks sleep and provides sleep hygiene advice: Android; iOS.
    • What’s Up? Helps patients monitor their mood and reframe their thoughts: Android; iOS.

    Adapted from “Five Mobile Apps to Help Patients With Anxiety and Depression.”

    Posted on May 03, 2018 by FPM Editors

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