• Beyond IQ: How's your EQ?

    EQ involves the ability to accurately recognize emotions in yourself and others and then manage those emotions as they are occurring. In other words, instead of reacting to stressful circumstances with an emotional response you might later regret, you consider what your emotions are telling you and then respond in a way that improves relationships and achieves the desired outcome.

    Here are 10 practical ways to boost your EQ:

    1. Clarify your intention for the day,
    2. Practice self-care,
    3. Perform an emotional checkup,
    4. Pause before responding to emotional situations,
    5. Be curious instead of making assumptions,
    6. Be open about mistakes and weaknesses,
    7. Pay attention to your environment,
    8. Build relationships by making time for those around you,
    9. Be accountable, and apologize when needed,
    10. Start and end your workday with a positive ritual.

    Adapted from “10 Strategies for Building Emotional Intelligence and Preventing Burnout.”

    Posted on Feb 15, 2018 by FPM Editors

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