• Two tips for faster chart completion

    Electronic health records (EHR) systems continue to disappoint physicians for many well-documented reasons. Here’s a quick dose of encouragement to keep your EHR from consuming more of your valuable time than it should:

    Let go of perfection. The EHR can be a minefield for perfectionists and compulsive “box-checkers.” Not all boxes need checking, and not all categories need filling on every visit. Know which ones do, and leave the rest alone.

    Forget the opus. The clinical note serves as neither biography nor ethnography. Be brief and focused. In the plan section of the note, be clear and concise enough that the next person looking at your note will be able to understand your clinical reasoning and follow the plan.

    Adapted from “Getting Your Notes Done on Time.”  

    Posted on Feb 17, 2018 by FPM Editors

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