• A creative solution for helping more patients get the mental health care they need

    It’s estimated that less than half of people who experienced a mental illness in the past year received mental health care. Even when referred for counseling by their physician, patients may avoid scheduling an appointment because of logistics, stigma, cost, etc.

    To remove these barriers, one primary care practice tried a new approach. Instead of referring patients for counseling outside the practice, they brought counseling to their patients. They did this by contracting with a mental health provider who simply rents a room in the practice to see patients as needed.

    This relatively simple, low-cost solution has satisfied the needs of the primary care physicians, the mental health provider, and their patients.

    Adapted from “Treating Anxiety and Depression in Primary Care: Reducing Barriers to Access.”

    Posted on May 27, 2018 by FPM Editors

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