• Four mobile apps for pain management

    Mobile apps can help patients better understand the causes of their pain, which can help them better cope with their conditions, and provide you with data you need to recommend or alter treatment. These four earned top ratings when reviewed using FPM's “SPPACES” criteria:

    Migraine Buddy allows patients with migraine headaches to monitor the conditions that lead to an attack and influence its severity: Android; iOS

    Cara helps patients monitor and manage gastrointestinal symptoms in relationship to their diet, medications, mood, and activity: Android; iOS

    Pain Companion helps patients log their pain and learn exacerbating as well as alleviating factors: Android; iOS

    Narcan Now explains the indications of and how to use Narcan nasal spray to counteract an opioid overdose: Android; iOS.

    Adapted from "Four Mobile Apps for Pain Management."

    Posted on Aug 17, 2018 by FPM Editors

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