• When it’s time to leave: six ways to say goodbye well

    When you have to say goodbye to a job, organization, or relationship you have invested so much of your life, energy, and self into, such endings need to be handled with care. Here’s how.

    1. Prepare emotionally. Before you leave, give some attention to the emotional aspects of saying goodbye. Have proper discussions, express appreciation, and clear the air.

    2. Tie up loose ends. This includes bringing your duties to completion, teaching others what they need to know for a smooth transition, and leaving your team in as good a position as you can.

    3. Let go of regrets. Although there may be negative aspects to why you are leaving, it is best to avoid focusing on these issues unless they propel you to a better place.

    4. Don't wait too long. Holding on and being fearful of change can cause you to delay your goodbye. But try to give those around you enough notice that they can process it in a healthy manner.

    5. Don't overdo it. Over-complicating and dragging out your goodbye can make others uncomfortable. Keep it short and sweet.

    6. Be realistic about the future. It is easy to idealize a new move, retirement, or life change, but to save yourself from disappointment, anticipate the good while being realistic about the future.

    Adapted from “How to Have a Good Goodbye.” 

    Posted on Oct 10, 2018 by FPM Editors

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