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    1999 FPM Past Issues

    January 1999 

    Patient Relations

    Strengthening Relationships With Your Patients Physician Unions • Nine Keys to Better Recruiting • Getting Patients Off Hold and Online • Measuring Patient Satisfaction • How Does Your Practice Sound on the Phone? • Why I Fired My Family Doctor • Excerpts From an FP’s Journal • Preventive Services

    February 1999 

    Clinical Policies

    Where to Look for Good Clinical Policies • Working With Health Care Plans • AAFP Assembly Highlights • A Guide to Locum Tenens • Evaluating Business Risk • Excerpts From an FP’s Journal • Nonclinical Patient Education • Voice Recognition Software

    March 1999 

    Inpatient Care

    Tips for Making Inpatient Care More Efficient • First Steps in Quality Improvement • Evaluating and Implementing Clinical Policies • Taking Charge of Coding • Practicing Without Paper • How to Choose a Billing Service • 12 Tips for Time Management • Developing a Vision Statement

    April 1999 

    Open-Office Scheduling

    Reducing Delays and Waiting Times With Open-Office Scheduling • Practice Styles: Coping With Time Pressure • 13 Ways to Be More Efficient • A Team Approach to Quality Improvement • Getting Paid for Diabetes Training • Comparing Voice Recognition Software • Family Mission Statements • Making Wellness Medicine Work

    May 1999 

    Physician-Owned Groups

    Harnessing the Power of Physician-Led Groups • Improving Patient Communication in No Time • Holding the Gains in Quality Improvement • Becoming an Effective Physician Leader • Generating Ideas With Nominal Group Process • Improving Coding With CPT Modifiers • Clearing the Clutter • Flying Solo

    June 1999 

    Professional Life

    Putting ‘Life’ Back Into Your Professional Life • Think Twice Before Taking on Pharmacy Risk • Evaluating Bonuses and Incentives • Developing a Successful Medical Group • A Part-Time Practice Success Story • Using Patient Account Reps • Surveys Find More Physicians Online • Does Big Business Mean Bad Medicine?

    July/August 1999 

    Financial Data

    Monitoring Your Practice’s Financial Data: 10 Vital Signs • Clashing Practice Styles: Readers Respond • Coding 99214 • ICD-9 Coding • Incentive Pay • Becoming a Physician Executive • Boost Efficiency and Morale • Getting Paid • Computers • Stop Procrastinating

    September 1999 

    Guidelines Preview

    New Documentation Guidelines: A Sneak Preview • 22 Tips for Practice Improvement • Disaster Planning • Rebuilding After a Fire • Re-engineering a Practice Center • Prepayment Claims Review • Practice Diary • Satisfaction With Visit Length • Computers • Listening to Body, Mind and Spirit

    October 1999 

    Quality Care

    Improving Chronic Disease Care in the Real World • Last-Minute Y2K Survival Guide • Job Satisfaction • Sexual Harassment • Coding and Documentation • Getting Beyond Burnout • Helping Patients Whose Medicare HMO Quits • When You’ve Lost Your Job • Better Cash Flow • Practice Goals

    November/December 1999 


    Disintegration: How Employed FPs Are Landing on Their Feet • Negotiation Skills • Standardized Admit Orders • Patient Satisfaction • Patterns of Over- and Undercoding • Building a Patient Registry • Selecting an EMR System • A Team Approach to Financial Problem-Solving • Holiday Stress