Quality Improvement: First Steps

    Mary Thoesen Coleman, Scott Endsley

    QI can bring about substantial, lasting, positive change in your practice. It all begins with identifying the opportunities.

    How to Evaluate and Implement Clinical Policies

    Thomas T. Gilbert, Julie Scott Taylor

    Here are step-by-step methodologies to help you select the right clinical policies and actually change practice with them.

    Take Charge of Coding: Don't Lose Income to Neglect

    William Jackson Epperson, Karl S. Hubach, Karen E. Menn, Sharon Oates

    The time you spend will be well rewarded — both financially and in improved service to your patients.

    Practicing Without Paper

    John Spicer

    Using information technology, this Texas practice is working smarter and serving patients better.

    Tips for Making Inpatient Care More Efficient

    Spencer H. McCleave

    You may be surprised at what you can do to improve the quality and reduce the cost of hospital care — and strengthen your own position.


    Rescuing Managed Care From the Wreckage of Managed Care

    Robert L. Edsall

    It's really a shame that the term managed care has been applied to what has been going on in health care over the past several years. As many observers have commented, managed care organizations don't, by and large, manage to manage care. Access, maybe. Professional fees,...


    Cover critique

    Broke and miserable

    Robert D. Budman

    Patients should pay

    Tad Lonergan

    The benefits of the hospitalist movement

    Edward J. Volpintesta


    What to Consider When Choosing a Billing Service

    Judy Capko

    The key is to remember that the best indicator of a company's performance is its track record with practices like yours.


    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore, John Spicer

    Coding treatment of “road rash” | A diagnosis code for poor posture | Destruction of multiple lesions | Coding for house calls | Services in an adult day-care center | Coding inpatient care of an infant | Observation care or a nursing facility admission? | Getting paid for...



    Y2K Update: HCFA says it'll be ready, but will you? | HMO, POS enrollment slows; overall health plan costs rise | Boomers will demand greater accountability | The future of family practice: A glass half full? | Medicare overpayments continue to fall | New York HMO complaints...


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    A lesson in serving patients | Computer fix | Mystery diagnosis


    Ask FPM

    Ernie Tsoules, Jamie Claypool, Heather Ways, Kathie Blanding

    Discounting self-pay patients | Balance billing HMO patients | Practicing in a strip mall | Waiving a co-payment


    Beginning With a Vision

    Stacey Eubanks

    Any efforts to improve patient care must be guided by a clear vision that you, your staff and your colleagues share.


    Three Sites for Patient Health Information

    David C. Kibbe

    Like a lot of family physicians, you are probably witnessing the results of your patients' newfound familiarity with the Inter-net. Patients come to see you carrying information they've printed from web sites, or they ask your opinion about advice they've received from an...


    Tips for Life Balance and Time Management

    Pamela J. Vaccaro

    From quick fixes to major changes, here are a dozen ways you can get organized and find time you didn't know you had.


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