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    Turtles and Rabbits: Family Physicians Under Time Pressure

    Robert D. Gillette

    Are economic forces and time constraints threatening what's valuable in family practice?

    A Team Approach to Quality Improvement

    Miriam Schwarz, Suzanne E. Landis, John E. Rowe

    To realize change, rely on the knowledge and experience of a team such as the authors', which improved the care of patients with diabetes.

    Making Wellness Medicine Work

    Sanford J. Brown

    Following a program like the author's, you can turn annual physical exams into an ongoing process of prevention and health improvement.

    Reducing Delays and Waiting Times With Open-Office Scheduling

    Sue Herriott

    Setting aside slots for same-day and follow-up appointments builds patients' trust — and boosts productivity. Here's how to do it.


    When Practice Styles Clash

    Robert L. Edsall

    Probably no two family physicians work at the same pace. That's natural. It also seems to be an endless source of friction between physicians, of anger and of outright angst. True, in a small group with an “eat what you kill” compensation plan and fee-for-service...


    Discouraging cover

    Ambulatory-only care

    John R. McConaghy

    Coding challenge


    Billing Medicare for Diabetes Self-Management Training

    Kent J. Moore

    Medicare now covers education for patients with diabetes, but be sure the right person is doing the educating.

    Coding and Documentation

    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Coding a combination vaccine administration | Billing for preoperative physicals | Disability evaluations and regular office visits | Payment for family-member visits? | Coding for routine diabetes follow-up | Coding Foley catheter placement



    Anti-fraud campaign hits the streets | Y2K Update: Health care worst prepared, says Senate report | Match numbers drop again for family practice | Physicians targeted for unionization drive


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Mistaken first impressions | An office manager with connections | Getting into med school | Relaxing


    13 Ways to Be More Efficient

    William D. Soper

    The key isn't always to work harder. Sometimes working smarter really can make a difference.


    A Comparison of Voice Recognition Programs

    Thomas G. Savel

    They may sound promising, but not all systems are created equal. Here's a review of three of the best.


    Ask FPM

    Susan Schooley, Kent J. Moore, David E. Willett, Alice G. Gosfield

    Pediatricians joining family physicians | Using “reciprocal billing” arrangements | Contracting with MSOs | Medicare HMOs and out-of-network providers


    Overcoming Roadblocks on the Path to the Boardroom

    Richard E. Thompson

    Want to get a family physician on the board of directors? Here are helpful dos and don'ts.


    Family Mission Statements

    null Marc, null Karen, null Jessica, Julie Rivo

    Identify the principles that are most important to you.


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