A Last-Minute Y2K Survival Guide

    David Kibbe, Susan Rehm, Jennifer Bush

    Doing some simple contingency planning now will enable your practice to run smoothly in January even if the dire predictions are true.

    Job Satisfaction: Putting Theory Into Practice

    J. Michael Syptak, David W. Marsland, Deborah Ulmer

    Yes, it is possible for you and your employees to be happy on the job. The key is in how you handle two factors: motivation and ‘hygiene.’

    Preventing and Responding to Sexual Harassment

    T. Hensley Williams, Nancy M. Williams

    Protect yourself and your practice by creating an effective sexual harassment policy and by investigating incidents promptly.

    Improving Chronic Disease Care in the Real World: A Step-by-Step Approach

    Brandi White

    Tag along as we follow a network of physicians on the first leg of a 13-month journey to redesign their diabetes care one step at a time.


    Is There a Leading Physician in the House?

    Robert L. Edsall

    One of the more intriguing press releases I've received lately came from Healthgrades.com, self-described as “a new, one-of-a-kind Internet service that accurately and objectively rates the performance of health care providers and insurers across the United States.” When I...


    Redefining Corporate Medicine

    Barbara Gardner Cook

    Corporate medicine has become one of those phrases that have no real definition but still make most physicians shudder. It is used to describe everything from a managed care organization to a physician organization to a hospital-run organization. Whatever organizations we...


    Balancing Act

    Peter G. Teichman

    Medicine is about sacrifice

    William Shores

    Until the lungs are removed ...

    Randy Sevcik



    What to Tell Your Patients When Their Medicare Managed Care Plan Quits

    Kent J. Moore

    If you have patients among the 327,000 Medicare beneficiaries forced to change their coverage, here's how you can help.

    Four Steps for Improving Efficiency and Cash Flow

    Patricia A. Guira

    You can avoid revenue problems with up-to-date policies, statistical reports, claims appeal processes and proper coding.


    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Examples of 99211 | Administration of BCG vaccine | A second opinion | Care plan oversight | Routine venipuncture with office visit codes | Fetal non-stress test | Pre-op EKG | Correction



    Financial crisis to hit Calif. medical groups, says CMA | Are your patients telling the whole truth? | Health plan to begin dispatching ambulances | Nation meets 15 percent of health goals | Nonadherence named ‘major health threat’ | AAFP, AMIA offer guidance on physician...


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Julia's tree | Horses vs. zebras | Starting early


    Setting Group Goals

    Stacey Eubanks

    To create the practice you've always envisioned, set meaningful, measurable goals.


    Ask FPM

    Susan Rehm, F. Michael Arnow, Debra Phairas

    FMLA forms | Fair compensation | Problem patient


    What to Do When You've Lost Your Job

    Stuart R. Kaplan

    Step one: Don't panic. Your job loss could become an opportunity.


    Relighting Your Fire

    George F. Blackall

    If you're asking yourself, “Is this all there is?” you're not alone.


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