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    How an Employed Group Redesigned Itself to Achieve Financial Viability

    Frank M. Reed, Sharon O'Hara, Peter Schaad

    This 32-site medical group was facing financial ruin, until its employees (both physicians and staff members) came up with a radical plan.

    Using Peer Review for Self-Audits of Medical Record Documentation

    Ronald W. Bradshaw

    You might be surprised at how much doctors can help one another improve in coding and documentation.

    Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

    John-Henry Pfifferling, Kay Gilley

    When practicing medicine feels more like labor than a labor of love, take steps to heal the healer.


    Putting in a Good Word for Capitation

    Robert L. Edsall

    Capitation has such a bad odor about it these days that I hesitate to say anything good about it. But there are good things to be said, and it's better to say them now than to save them for the graveside — if the grave is indeed where capitation is headed.


    Providers or physicians?

    The purpose of progress notes

    DOPC study

    Jon M. Bylander


    A Critical Look at Critical Care Coding

    Kent J. Moore

    HCFA revised its coverage policies. Here's what you need to know if you provide critical care to Medicare patients.


    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Emergency visits | Pre-op services only | Post-op services only | DOT physicals | Delivery by an RN | Blood glucose monitoring | Coding Pap smears separately



    HCFA pays $3 million to insure deceased | AMA drops physician accreditation program | Evidence-based guidelines available online | Match results: Third straight drop for family practice


    How Emotional Distress Shapes the Patient Visit

    George E. Kikano, Edward J. Callahan, Robin S. Gotler, Kurt C. Stange

    Tending to patients' emotional health may take a bit longer, but it can strengthen the doctor-patient relationship.


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Patient satisfaction | Health insurance | Dem bones


    Health Information on the Net: A More Direct Route

    Eric T. Rumsey

    If search engines keep leading you down false trails, try using one of these directory sites.


    Sharpen Your Salary Negotiation Skills With Leverage

    Robert E. DuPont

    Recognizing the type of leverage you have is the key to using it to your advantage.


    Preventing Burnout

    Kenneth G. Davis

    The personality traits that make you a good doctor may also make you a target for burnout.


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