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    Is Universal Coverage the American Way?

    Martha C. Collins

    Seven physician organizations think so, and they're joining forces to place universal coverage on the national agenda this election year.

    Coding Level-One Office Visits: A Refresher Course

    James M. Giovino

    If you're forgetting to bill 99211 for nursing visits, or using 99201 when you should be using 99202, this quick coding lesson may improve your practice's bottom line.

    Finding Success in a Capitated Environment

    Amy Handelman Bennett

    Success for this group means taking all the risk they can get, targeting chronic diseases and rewarding physicians for quality.

    ‘Problem Patients’: A Fresh Look at an Old Vexation

    Robert D. Gillette

    Every practice has at least one. Here's how to reduce irritation and improve outcomes.


    When What's Supposed to Happen Doesn't

    Robert L. Edsall

    You've probably seen the little hand-crafted signs that hang near many of America's fireplaces. On one side, they read, “The flue is open,” and on the other they read, “The flue is closed.” And you're just as likely to have seen their kitchen cousins, the magnetized...


    Financial viability


    Ramon Parrish


    Is Your Space Rental Arrangement Fraudulent?

    Kent J. Moore

    Here's one more way you may be committing fraud without even knowing it.

    Coding and Documentation

    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Visit + procedure | 99211 | ICD-9 for multiple myeloma | “New problem” | Lab specimen transportation



    Supreme Court: HMO financial incentives OK, Congress must act | Downcoding | Meanwhile … | Switching doctors | Physician report cards | High prescription costs | Columbia no more | Unhealthy Americans | Family physician income, workload | GOP cancels vote to give physicians...


    High-Volume Practice: Are There Trade-Offs?

    George E. Kikano, Stephen J. Zyzanski, Robin S. Gotler, Kurt C. Stange

    The pressure is on to increase productivity — but at what cost?


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Drivers' physicals | Health insurance | Picking up | Pre-medical advising


    Ask FPM

    Vasilios J. Kalogredis, F. Michael Arnow, John Paul Pironti, Kent J. Moore

    Vicarious liability insurance | Practice valuation | Supervising physicals | Medicare conversion factors


    Understanding Confidentiality and Nonsolicitation Clauses

    David R. Dearden

    Before you sign an employment agreement, make sure you know what you're committing to.


    Words of Wisdom for Patients and Physicians

    Virginia K. Mohl

    Recommending a good book can provide manna for your patients and enrich your communications with them.


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