Planning Group Visits for High-Risk Patients

    Steven Masley, Julia Sokoloff, Collene Hawes

    You'll not only have more satisfied patients and better compliance, but you'll also be compensated for your services.

    Determining the True Value of a Family Practice Residency Program

    Perry A. Pugno, William R. Gillanders, Richard Lewan, K.D. Lowe, Amir Sweha, George C. Xakellis, Jr.

    This financial model enables directors to begin to quantify the intangible contributions that traditional financial reports don't consider.

    How a Salaried FP Computerized His Practice — on His Own

    Matthew W. Levin

    Not ready for a full-blown electronic medical record? You can do a lot of computerization with a little investment of time and money.

    House Calls: Taking the Practice to the Patient

    James M. Giovino

    Visiting patients where they live is not only good medicine and good marketing. It's also good for the soul.


    Toward Electronic Medical Records for the Small Practice

    Robert L. Edsall

    What percentage of family physicians would you guess use electronic medical record (EMR) systems — 3 percent, 5 percent, 10 percent? Whatever the number is (and I'm not aware of good data bearing on the issue), I am pretty confident that the figure is low. Given that EMR...


    More good words for capitation

    Something is wrong

    Aletha Tippett

    Recovering from burnout

    Ann Thomas


    How to Get Reimbursed When a Colleague Treats Your Patients

    Kent J. Moore

    If you take a little time to understand Medicare's requirements for reciprocal billing of substitute care, you'll be rewarded.


    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Allergy shots | New patient definition | <i>H. pylori</i> test | Acupuncture and hypnosis | Nonroutine venipuncture | Most common office visit codes | Heel pain diagnosis | Waived tests



    Part-time practice yields equal performance, improved satisfaction | Revised documentation guidelines at least a year away | Evaluation and management (E/M) code utilization in family practice | FDA begins review of over-the-counter drug policy | Lawsuit challenging resource...


    Using Flow Sheets to Improve Diabetes Care

    Brandi White

    Has Mrs. Jones had a recent eye exam? Are her HbA1c levels improving? A diabetes flow sheet will let you know at a glance.


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Electronic claims | Complementary medicine | Portal to portal


    Lowering the Cost of Practice Management

    David C. Kibbe

    With Web-based solutions, you can realize the benefits of client-server technology without emptying your pocketbook.


    Ask FPM

    Kent J. Moore, Barry A. Gold, Thomas P. Wier, III

    Billing for lab tests | Backdating referral authorizations | Considering ultrasound?


    Meetings Everyone Wants to Attend

    Pamela J. Vaccaro

    You can show your busy colleagues that you value their time with these tips for conducting effective meetings.


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