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    Making Quality and Service Pay: Part 2, The External Environment

    Charles M. Kilo, Dennis Horrigan, Marjorie Godfrey, John Wasson

    Across the country, insurers are beginning to pay physicians for improved quality and service. They'll get there faster with your help.

    How to Find the Job That's Right for You

    Rebecca Ann Beach

    Before you enter the job market, ask yourself, “What do I really want?”

    Panning for Gold: How to Find Money in Your Practice

    James M. Giovino

    Here are some tips for cutting your expenses and increasing your revenue — without losing staff.


    How Do You Like Your Universal Coverage?

    Robert L. Edsall

    I wanted to give you a heads up: The American Academy of Family Physicians is preparing a paper on universal coverage for health care, which should be published soon, if it's not already available by the time you read this. This is part of a two-year effort that may result in...


    The value of hands-on therapy

    Changing habits

    R. Douglas Iliff

    Computerized house calls

    M. Jonathan Mishcon

    Getting with the program

    John M. Tudor, Jr.



    Understanding Medicare's Mental Health Treatment Limitation

    Kent J. Moore

    Medicare significantly limits its mental health coverage, but you can protect your bottom line by knowing the rules.

    Coding and Documentation

    Coding and Documentation

    Kent J. Moore

    Mental status assessment | Telephone care | Postoperative management only | Defining risk | Defining HPI



    Keystone III: Family physicians reflect, refocus | Clinical guidelines vs. reality | Student loans | Good news for HMOs | What's an HMO? | Help break the habit | Cancer risk evaluation online | Gift-giving ethics | Patient trust | Survey uncovers voluntarily uninsured | <b...


    ‘My Insurance Changed’: The Negative Effects of Forced Discontinuity of Care

    George E. Kikano, Susan A. Flocke, Robin S. Gotler, Kurt C. Stange

    When continuity is harmed, the results are decreased quality, additional visits and hidden costs.


    Practice Diary

    Sanford J. Brown

    Fired! | Teresa, FNP | Rip off


    Ask FPM

    F. Michael Arnow, Tom McGuinness, Jack Valancy

    Bad-debt write-offs | Billing company rates | Time cards and efficiency


    Evaluating Restrictive Covenants: Four Key Areas

    Michael R. Burke

    Understanding a few general principles of contract law can help you assess the enforceability of a restrictive covenant.


    Creating the Time of Your Life

    Pamela J. Vaccaro

    If too many hassles and too much routine are taking the joy out of your life, perhaps you should rethink the way you view time.


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