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    Coding Level-IV Visits Without Fear

    Thomas A. Waller

    Use this worksheet to quickly assess whether you can code a 99214.

    Minimizing the Risk of Financial Fraud

    Herbert Snyder, Donna K. Dietz

    Implementing internal controls in your practice will help you stop embezzlement and keep what you earn.

    Physician Leadership: A New Model for a New Generation

    Catherine D. Serio, Ted Epperly

    Today's leaders need more than vision and a high IQ.

    Free Software for Your Practice

    James Dom Dera

    Freeware and open-source software can handle many of your day-to-day computing duties.

    Cash-Only Practice: Could It Work for You?

    Trevor J. Stone

    The cash-only model involves some risk, but it can also bring many rewards.

    2,500 Cash-Paying Patients and Growing

    Leigh Ann Backer

    This physician is expanding his cash-only practice to keep up with demand.

    Cashing in on House Calls

    Andrea L. Brand

    A cash-only, house call practice enabled this physician to earn more while spending less.

    A New Future With an Old Business Model

    Shane J. Kraus

    Turning away third-party payers and requiring payment at the time of service restored this family physician's practice.


    First-Party Payers: Should You Cut Out the Middle Plan?

    Robert Edsall, Editor-in-Chief

    How much of the world can you set right simply by asking your patients to pay for their care?


    Chronic disease management

    William L. Blanchet

    Where's the fire?

    Make notes better with macros

    Group visits for chronic illness care

    How are you doing?

    Perry Klaassen



    Medicare payment cut likely to be restored | Medicare Part D formulary help | Billing, insurance tasks account for 20 percent of spending | Health plans clash with physicians over payment issues | Health care spending still growing | Board offers 10-year recertification...



    Cindy Hughes

    Emergency care outside an ED | Modifiers for multiple births | History and physical for hospital readmittance | Home health certification | Materials for fiberglass splints | Coding pelvic exams and Pap smears | 99173 with an E/M service



    Michael Arnow

    Allocate overhead fairly | Streamline the Rx refill process | Make better decisions by improving your meetings | Do your homework before offering online consults | Go to the right source for help with Medicare reimbursement questions


    Doctorhood and Motherhood

    Sarina Schrager

    Medicine and parenting possess many similarities, but they differ in at least one significant way.


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