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    Why Choose Family Medicine?

    With the broadest scope of all specialties, family physicians have more office visits and practice in more settings than physicians in any other specialty. For the past 10 years, family medicine has been the most recruited specialty in the United States. See what makes it so appealing.

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    Listen as physician leaders from the AAFP, Apple, Google, and Stanford University discuss the future of health care and how changes in telemedicine, artificial intelligence, and consumer need are actively shaping the future of primary care.

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    Start your journey toward a career in family medicine. Learn what it takes to get into medical school, plan for attending and managing medical school debt.

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    Medical school isn't easy, but the AAFP's study tools and resources can help you along the way.

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    Make the most of your school's Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG). Discover new programming ideas, apply for funding, and create a forum for others interested in family medicine.

    Become a Resident

    Once you approach the end of your medical school education, the next step is matching with a family medicine residency program. Find out more about the Match process, preparing for residency interviews, and finding a residency program that's right for you.

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