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    Why Choose Family Medicine?

    With the broadest spectrum of practice of all the medical specialties, family medicine provides you the unique opportunity to tailor the specialty to fit your own needs and interests. For the past 10 years, family medicine has been the most recruited specialty in the United States. Rising demand has also led to rising salaries. See what makes it so appealing - and find out why family medicine might just be your perfect match!

    What is Family Medicine?
    9 Reasons to Choose Family Medicine
    Discover Family Medicine Career Options
    Explore Income & Lifestyle Expectations
    Training Requirements for Family Physicians

    Did you know the average full-time family physician reported a total compensation of $274,359 in 2022?
    Demand for family physicians continues to grow - along with their average income. Learn more with our Career Benchmark Dashboard.

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    Connect with peers who get it and specialty leaders who’ll inspire you at National Conference—August 1–3 in Kansas City, MO.

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    Two students holding "I matched" signs. In this video four family physicians discuss why they chose family medicine as their specialty.

    Student Storytelling: A Collection of Powerful Voices

    Family medicine is the most diverse, dynamic, and in-demand medical specialty. A panel of family physicians share their passions and family medicine story. Learn what makes their work so rewarding and get an idea of where you fit in!

    Dr. Choucair discusses his family medicine journey, from his time as a resident to serving in the White House.

    From National Conference to the White House

    Dr. Bechara Choucair shares his amazing story, from residency to serving as the national vaccinations coordinator. He also discusses what's next for family medicine and the role today's medical students will play in shaping the future.

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    Get Into Medical School

    Start your journey toward a career in family medicine. Learn what it takes to get into medical school, and plan for attending and managing medical school debt.

    Is a Career in Medicine for You
    Get Into Medical School
    Plan for Medical School
    Manage Medical School Debt
    Find a Family Medicine Program

    Succeed in Medical School

    Medical school isn't easy, but the AAFP's study tools and resources can help you along the way.

    Deciding on a Specialty
    Research Clinical Topics & Procedures
    Plan Your Clerkships & Electives
    Global Health Opportunities
    Finding a Mentor
    Attend Family Medicine Conferences
    Listen to the AFP Podcast

    Black woman smart student girl sitting at table in university cafe alone wearing glasses looking at computer screen using headphones listening online lecture improve language skills having good mood.

    Become a Resident

    Once you approach the end of your medical school education, the next step is matching with a family medicine residency program. Find out more about the Match process, preparing for residency interviews, and finding a residency program that's right for you.

    Understand the Match Process
    Choosing a Residency Program
    Find a Residency Program
    Preparing your Residency Application
    Residency Interview Guide
    Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program Tips


    Student Wellness Resources

    Maintaining your overall wellness during medical school is critical for your success. The following resources are available to student members.

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    Financial Well-being:
    Managing Medical School Debt

    The cost of medical school is a common source of stress. Access resources that can help you manage educational costs and minimize debt.

    Managing Debt

    Suicide Prevention:
    Talk Saves Lives™

    Talk Saves Lives, a program from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, teaches learners how to talk about and prevent suicide.

    Suicide Prevention

    Physician Health First®:
    Well-being Resources

    Watch videos, read articles, and check out tools to help you prevent burnout, care for yourself, and lead change as you grow your career.

    Physician Health First

    Lead Your Family Medicine Interest Group

    Make the most of your school's Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG). Discover new programming ideas, apply for funding, and create a forum for others interested in family medicine.

    Discover FMIG Resources
    Join the FMIG Network Online Community

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