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    Use the map and Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network leader information below to connect with FMIG leaders, resources, and events in your area. 

    FMIG Regions

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    Blue states (Western), Region 1 – Breanna Chachere

    Orange states (Midwestern), Region 2 – Samantha Busch

    Red states (Mid-Atlantic), Region 3 – Alison Johnston

    Silver states (Northeastern), Region 4 – Pavit Suri 

    Green states (Southeastern), Region 5 – Colleen Yang

    Collaborate and advance goals internationally and with special interest organizations:

    International Medical Student Coordinator – contact Hirak Trivedi

    Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Liaison – Alvaro Cortez

    Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Liaison – Jenny Davis 

    FMIG Network National Coordinator

    The Family Medicine Interest Group Network National Coordinator is elected at the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students and serves a one-year term. In this role, the National coordinator supports and facilitates the work of regional and international Coordinators and interest group liaisons to develop and strengthen FMIGs on medical school campuses across the country. 

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    Learn more about the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students

    Ernie Rodriguez, MBA, Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network National Medical Schools Coordinator

    2023-24 National Coordinator

    Ernie Rodriguez, M.D., M.B.A

    Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine
    Contact Ernie Rodriguez | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "This year, I want to continue sharing my passion for family medicine. This will entail working towards the development of a strategic plan that will carry into the future with a clear vision and the important role the FMIG Network plays in inspiring the next generation of family physicians. I look forward to creating a voice and safe space for underrepresented minorities to help promote diversity and student interest in the specialty. Lastly, I want to continue addressing the shortage of family physicians by working with the AAFP to encourage interest in the field through my involvement with the Family Medicine Champion Curriculum training program. As your National Coordinator, it is my role to help support you and your FMIG, so I invite you to contact me with any questions."

    FMIG Network Regional and International Coordinators

    Family Medicine Interest Group Network Regional Coordinators play a crucial role in facilitating collaboration and connections between students and local FMIGs. Regional coordinators communicate with FMIG leaders at each medical school in their respective region, serve as a resource for information about the AAFP, and assist with FMIG programming.

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    Breanna Chachere, Region 1 Coordinator

    2023-24 Region 1 Coordinator 

    Breanna Chachere 

    University of Houston School of Medicine
    Contact Breanna Chachere | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "My medical passions include mentorship and health equity, and it is my goal to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion in the specialty of family medicine so that academic and clinical environments are inclusive, accessible, and welcoming for underrepresented medical students (URM). In this role, I hope to expand knowledge of family medicine to URM nationally and to emphasize how this specialty, at it’s core, is a launchpad for patient advocacy through management and prevention of chronic health conditions and preventable diseases, many of which primarily affect populations of color and underserved communities. Ultimately, through the cultivation of opportunities that expose SNMA members to mentorship, networking, education and advocacy opportunities, I hope to enhance student understanding of family medicine, the AAFP, and the breadth of family practice resources that are available."

    Samantha Busch, Region 2 Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network Regional Coordinator

    2023-24 Region 2 Coordinator

    Samantha Busch

    University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health
    Contact Samantha Busch | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "My goal as one of the FMIG Regional Coordinators is to bring a sense of belonging and collaboration among students interested in Family Medicine across the Midwest region and Nationally. I hope that by facilitating this collaboration among FMIG groups, we can collectively build a stronger future for family medicine."

    Alison Johnston, Region 3 Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network Regional Coordinator

    2023-24 Region 3 Coordinator 

    Alison Johnston

    Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine-State College
    Contact Alison Johnston | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "My goal is to grow student interest in the field of family medicine by increasing collaboration between regional FMIG chapters. Through this position, I hope to share opportunities offered by the AAFP and to encourage student involvement. I’m excited to share my enthusiasm for family medicine and to build the community of medical students interested in this amazing field."

    Pavit Suri, Region 4 Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network Regional Coordinator

    2023-24 Region 4 Coordinator 

    Pavit Suri

    Donald and Barbara Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell
    Contact Pavit Suri | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "My goal is to help bring FMIG chapters within the Northeast region to a new level of excellence by 1) working with local FMIG leaders to showcase the diversity of practice in family medicine, 2) increasing medical student membership to the AAFP, and 3) boasting overall enthusiasm and commitment to this wonderful specialty."

    Colleen Yang, Region 5 Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) Network Regional Coordinator

    2023-24 Region 5 Coordinator

    Colleen Yang

    University School of Osteopathic Medicine
    Contact Colleen Yang | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "I hope to connect with FMIG leaders, learn of what FMIGs are doing across the region, assisting the FMIG leaders with resources or ideas for activities, and communicate with other AAFP leaders/staff over supporting the mission of AAFP."

    Hirak Trivedi, International Medical Schools Coordinator

    2023-24 International Medical School Coordinator

    Hirak Trivedi

    Washington University Health and Science
    Contact Hirak Trivedi | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "As the FMIG network IMG Coordinator, my primary focus is to expand outreach to students and organizations, showcasing the diverse and welcoming nature of the field of family medicine. Throughout my role, I aim to create an inclusive environment where international medical students and their organizations feel supported and valued. By offering various networking, professional development, and educational resources. Additionally, providing mentoring resources to assist individuals in navigating their unique paths. I hope with these various resources and opportunities to foster a sense of community and collaboration within the FMIG network. I am grateful to the AAFP for allowing me to take on this new and exciting role."


    Student National Medical Association (SNMA) and Latino Medical Student Association (LMSA) Liaisons

    The FMIG Network includes two liaisons who help FMIGs collaborate across student interest organizations. In this role, liaisons work to connect medical student members of the AAFP with activities and initiatives in the SNMA and LMSA, respectively. Liaisons are closely involved with the Family Medicine Interest Group Network, and participate in regular meetings and projects with this collaborative.


    In 2003, the AAFP Board of Directors approved the creation of a student liaison to the Student National Medical Association (SNMA). Established in 1964 by Howard University College of Medicine students and Meharry Medical College students, the SNMA is the nation’s oldest and largest organization focused on the needs and concerns of medical students of color. SNMA is committed to assuring that students of color are encouraged to consider and prepare for medical and scientific careers.

    Learn more about the SNMA Liaison role

    Learn more about SNMA.

    Jenny Davis, Liaison to SNMA

    2023-24 Liaison to SNMA 

    Jenny Davis

    East Tennessee State University James H. Quillen College of Medicine
    Contact Jenny Davis | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "In my role as Student Liaison to the Student National Medical Association, I am eager to further support the relationship between SNMA members and the AAFP. I aim to do this by facilitating intentional mentorship within family medicine, cultivating collaborative and inclusive environments, expanding awareness of available resources, and increasing opportunities for firsthand exposure to the diverse field of family medicine. Additionally, I hope to further prepare all medical students to provide compassionate care to diverse communities, particularly those that have historically been medically underserved and underrepresented."


    During the fall of 2016, executive leadership from the LMSA and the AAFP FMIG Network discussed opportunities for collaboration to accomplish shared goals, including workforce diversity in primary care, community organizing, advocacy for improving vulnerable patient populations, and developing leaders in primary care.

    The Latino Medical Student Association exists to unite and empower current and future physicians through service, mentorship, and education to advocate for the improved health of the Hispanic & Latina/o/x community in the United States.

    Learn more about the LMSA Liaison role

    Learn more about LMSA

     Alvaro Cortez, Liaison to LMSA

    2023-24 Liaison to LMSA

    Alvaro Cortez 

    Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University
    Contact Alvaro Cortez | Join the FMIG Network Online Community

    "As a son of Mexican immigrants and a first-generation medical student, I hope to promote interest and expand on opportunities that will motivate others to serve underrepresented communities through a career in family medicine. I look forward to strengthening the collaborative efforts between the AAFP and LMSA to support medical students, especially those who identify as Hispanic or Latino/a/x, on their path to becoming primary care physicians."