• State Legislative Conference

    Thank you to all of our presenters and chapter panelists for a successful 2020 virtual SLC!

    This year’s SLC will be held virtually from October 21-22, 2021. Check back here later this year for more information.

    Be an advocate for family medicine.

    Learn about issues influencing health care and how to effect change where you live.


    Eric Waskowicz
    Manager, Center for State Policy

    2020 SLC On-Demand Sessions

    State Roundtable

    We learn best when we learn from each other!

    During this session, we discussed the top issues chapters tackled during the 2020 session and lessons learned. We also recognized this year’s Leadership in State Government Advocacy Award winners – California AFP, New York State AFP, and Virginia AFP. A recording for those unable to attend the State Roundtable can be found below.

    Primary Care Spend

    Studies have shown that greater investment in primary care leads not only to better health outcomes, but also lower amounts of medical spending overall.

    Unfortunately, most states don’t have an idea how many cents on every dollar are devoted to primary care. Some states have changed that. This session focuses on efforts to quantify and increase primary care investment.

    Payment Reform

    Primary care has always been underfunded, but the COVID-19 pandemic highlights the critical need of payment reform to sustain primary care. This session focused on policy solutions for primary care to maintain a viable health care system throughout the pandemic and into the future.

    Administrative Burden

    States recognize the administrative challenges facing physicians and are implementing policies to relieve these costly and time-intensive burdens. Hear from experts on policy proposals to put physicians back in front of patients.