Feb 2000

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Encouraging Patients to Pay at the Time of Service

Is Disintegration the Answer?

Choosing a Pay Structure That Works for Your Practice

Are the Edges of Family Practice Being Worn Away?


Editor's Page

Innovation and Organization
Robert L. Edsall

Improving Patient Care

The Family Physician's Role in Reducing Medical Errors
Joel E. Miller

Balancing Act

15 Tips for Managing Life at Work and Home
Jennifer S. Bush


On Insurance Companies

Seeking Mediocrity?

Too Many Managers

Coding & Documentation

Preventive Medicine Services RevisitedBone Mass MeasurementsICD-9 Code for DyspneaA Discharge Code for a Deceased Nursing Facility Patient?Retirement Community Visits


NPs Rival MDs in Primary Care, Says StudyHealth Plans Need Consent to Access Patient RecordsPhysician Productivity: How FPs, IMs CompareStudy Shows Effects of Medicare HMO WithdrawalsAHCPR Becomes AHRQ, Refines MissionHMOs Don't Have to Disclose Physician Incentives, Says CourtY2K Update: $100 Billion and Barely a HiccupComputer-Based Courses Among HCFA's New Education Programs


Collecting Late PaymentsIncreasing Productivity With Labor?Discounting Services for Staff

Practice Diary

Birthday CardsAnkle SprainsThe Letter Service

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