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    EPISODE 194 - NOVEMBER 2023 - PART 2

    Syncope (1:40), testosterone therapy and adverse effects (7:40), baricitinib for alopecia areata (9:30), intestinal parasites (13:10), antiarrhythmics in atrial fibrillation (19:20), and AFP Clinical Answers (21:40).

    EPISODE 193 - NOVEMBER 2023 - PART 1

    Dog and cat bites (1:40), inappropriate medication use in older adults (5:50), pleural effusions (8:10), poststroke depression (12:20), and pro/con editorials on bone turnover markers in osteoporosis therapy (15:00).

    EPISODE 192 - OCTOBER 2023 - PART 2

    The ill returning traveler (1:30), the Community Preventive Services Task Force (5:30), thiazide diuretics (7:50), over-the-counter medications in pregnancy (10:00), RSV vaccination (13:40), mild chronic hypertension in pregnancy (15:10), childhood obesity (17:30), and Halloween ICD-10 codes (19:50).

    EPISODE 191 - OCTOBER 2023 - PART 1

    Hypertension in adults (1:30), magnesium in COPD (5:50), medications to promote weight loss (7:50), cryptorchidism (11:00), early return to activity in concussion (13:30), and RSV vaccination (15:00).

    EPISODE 190 - SEPTEMBER 2023 - PART 2

    Nicotine receptor partial agonists for smoking cessation (1:30), primary aldosteronism (2:50), dual- vs. triple-combination inhalers for asthma (5:30), smell and taste disorders (9:40), finerenone (14:30), and diagnostic overshadowing (17:30).

    EPISODE 189 - SEPTEMBER 2023 - PART 1

    Gestational diabetes mellitus (1:40), steroid injections and blood glucose (5:40), heart failure management (8:10), BD Max vaginal panel (13:20), benzodiazepine use disorder (15:20), and chlorthalidone vs. hydrochlorothiazide (19:10).

    EPISODE 188 - AUGUST 2023 - PART 2

    Pressure injuries (1:40), perioperative management of antithrombotic medications (5:00), irritable bowel syndrome (6:20), speech and language delay in children (9:30), family medicine residency applications and abortion (13:00), ischemic heart disease (14:20), and the number needed to treat game (16:30).

    EPISODE 187 - AUGUST 2023 - PART 1

    Prenatal care (1:40), treatment of mild hypertension (4:30), food allergies (7:30), discharge against medical advice (12:50), inspiratory muscle training for COPD (14:40), and oral anticholinergics for overactive bladder (17:00).

    EPISODE 186 - JULY 2023 - PART 2

    Mpox (1:40), trigger point injections for low back pain (8:00), conservative interventions for urinary incontinence (9:30), torsemide versus furosemide (12:10), childhood eye exam (14:20), and headache during pregnancy and breastfeeding (18:50).

    BONUS EPISODE 16 - JULY 21, 2023

    The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine President's Address from Dr. Renée Crichlow is featured. Dr. Crichlow is Vice Chair of Health Equity, Boston University Medical School Department of Family Medicine, and Chief Medical Officer of Codman Square Health Center. She also serves as Medical Editor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the American Family Physician journal.


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    The 2023-2024 Season 9 podcast resident co-hosts are (back row, left to right) Lizzie Braunreuther, MD; Jacqueline Alvarez, MD; Kayla Caruso, MD; (middle row, left to right) Sarthak Garg, MD; Jennifer Wainwright, MD; Rob Arend, MD; Ione Locker, MD; (front) Jessi McMinn, MD.

    The podcast team includes (left to right) Jake Anderson, DO (faculty podcast editor); Bill Dabbs, MD (music); Sarah Coles, MD (faculty podcast editor); and Steven R. Brown, MD (co-host).

    The AFP Podcast is a discussion of the key evidence-based learning points from each issue of American Family Physician (AFP). Each episode includes brief summaries of articles and other features, such as POEMs (Patient-Oriented Evidence that Matters)Cochrane for CliniciansPractice Guidelines, Editorials, and Medicine by the Numbers, and discusses answers to clinical questions from the Family Practice Inquiries Network. In addition, the podcast features interviews with family physicians, favorite tweets, and other regular segments.

    The AFP Podcast is produced in partnership with the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix Family Medicine ResidencyThe 2023-2024 hosts of the AFP Podcast are Program Director Steven R. Brown, MD, faculty member Jacob Anderson, DO, and residents Jacqueline Alvarez, MD; Rob Arend, MD; Lizzie Braunreuther, MD; Kayla Caruso, MD; Sarthak Garg, MD; Ione Locker, MD; Jessi McMinn, MD; and Jennifer Wainwright, MD. Faculty member Sarah Coles, MD, fact-checks and pitches in. Bill Dabbs, MD, provides the music. Tyler Coles is the sound and technical guru.

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